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Today’s feature Goddess is the very beautiful and sadistic, Mistress Chloe Rose.  I normally write my own intro, but in perusing Mistress Chloe’s amazing website, I thought I’d let her tell you, in her own words, what you can expect in session with today’s feature Domme. 

I am that angelic looking Mistress who will sweetly ask you to do things that will make you whimper. I am your fantasies and nightmares combined.  I am uniquely empathetic and sweet when not in session, which allows Me to be quite the sadist when in session. I will hurt you and laugh from joy while doing it. While I enjoy being a sadist, unless requested, sadism will be within reason. You would be surprised at what I can do and not leave a mark.

My Philosophy: I am a strict but consistent Mistress. I love training My subs and correcting their behavior. I expect your best in session, make no mistake you will be pushed, but I make sure all My sub’s needs are met. It is My job to keep you safe & train you, it is your job to be the best sub you are able & please Me with your submission and service. I recognize the responsibility of My position, hopefully you realize yours.

Lots of Love and Pain,

Mistress Chloe


slaveboysmith: Today I have the wonderful privilege of being joined by the very beautiful Mistress Chloe Rose.  Mistress, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Mistress Chloe Rose: You’re welcome. I’m happy to do it.

sbs: Each time I ask this question, the answers are as different as the Dommes I have interviewed.  What was it that brought you to Femdom, and what can you tell our readers about how you became the Mistress you are today?

MCR: I’m a lifestyle switch and I had multiple people tell me I had natural talent and should go pro. I did the market research and found little to no competition in Sacramento CA. Plus I have access to the bay, Tahoe & Reno. I took classes, sought out advice from Mistresses, built my website and everything myself. I primarily do in person sessions and I continue to hone into who I am as a Femdomme in those sessions.

sbs: As a lifestyle switch, does that mean you are also submissive at times? Would that be to other Dommes, or Masters?

MCR: Not professionally no. That’s very personal to me and as such a good Domme I won’t submit to anyone that isn’t on my my level. I have an alpha boyfriend I  switch with and we do double Dom scenes together on Skype and in person sometimes. I do believe being a switch makes me a better Domme though for sure.

sbs: That is where I was going next.  I would imagine seeing things from the other side of the whip, or ball gag, as the case may be, would give you a better understanding of what slaves can, and will, experience with you in your role as a Domme.  Is there a specific type of slave that is drawn to you, Mistress?

MCR: Sissies flock to me lol. Probably 60% of My clientele is into sissification. Chastity is pretty common too. I’d like more masochists as a sadist of course but they tend to be less common.

sbs: So you put them in panties and then lock up their cocks…that sounds like fun.  How far does the sissification go, Mistress? Does that lead to coerced or forced bi, strapons or even gay4pay scenarios?

MCR: Forced bi, sissymaid training, cuckold service. I have a shemale contract on My website I have one person working on. They will go through a total change. Mini’s getting girl bits over the next four of years.

sbs: My god that is thorough! So varying levels of fulfilling the fantasy and into a lifestyle then? Any other fetishes you truly enjoy Mistress?

MCR: I’m a sadist through and through. I loooove impact play. I have canes, whips and paddles galore. I’m also really into pet play as well.

sbs: It sounds like a slave visiting your dungeon is going to be experiencing an array of scenarios depending on their kinks.  Do you prefer to see slaves in session who are experienced, perhaps a little broken in by a previous Domme, or newbies that you can mold into your very own perfect pet?

MCR: I see a lot of both. I don’t mind newbies but a lot of them quickly realize that the difference between fantasy and reality of service isn’t their thing. Experienced clients don’t have that problem but yes, reconditioning is usually required.

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

MCR: No, it’s a rush. You can tell I’m having a good time when you hear the giggles and witty little verbal teasing. I will have a high for awhile after a really good scene. I come from a conservative background and being a Pro Domme has given me a control/status/and privileges I never would have seen myself having.

sbs: Would you describe your style as more sensual or strict, Mistress?

MCR: Mmmm I’m very strict but I encourage time to connect outside of scene with my clients. We often get dinner before a session as a warm up to the scene. This creates intimacy, then it’s all business in My dungeon.

sbs: That sounds like the perfect blend of the two ends of the spectrum.  Once you have a slave feeling comfortable and the intimacy connection is made, when a session is progressing, how can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

MCR: It’s not something earned in a single moment. It’s more of an erosion over time. I usually will get a message at some point that let’s me know I now own them. It isn’t that they said it exactly but I can tell by the smittenness.

sbs: No look in their eye, change in their breathing, or actions, etc. while in session, Mistress?

MCR: No. That kind of ownership is temporary. High on the moment, the endorphins, the need to cum of course. I own him in that moment. But when they leave and I still own them that is special and meaningful to me. That takes time, dedication, and work from both parties.

sbs: Speaking of time and dedication, how can our readers who might wish to kneel before you and serve as your slave best show their sincerity in wishing to serve you Mistress?

MCR: Read My website and educate themselves about Me and My expectations. Tribute of course, but make it special. Effort means a lot to me. Then write me a thoughtful message.

sbs: Thank you again for answering my questions today, Mistress Chloe.  Is there anything else you wish to say to the admiring slaves that are aching to experience what it means to serve as your loyal pet?

MCR: I’m a very authentic person and Domme and I seek the same in My subbies. Be a good boy and I’ll make your fantasies and then some come true. But only if you’ve earned it.

sbs: That seems like a more than reasonable expectation Mistress.  With your permission, may I please ask one final question?

MCR: Yes, of course.

sbs: Thank you Mistress.  If we were conducting this session in person, with me kneeling before you as I asked my questions, how would it end?

MCR: I would hope with you in my humbler, licking My heels and offering up your wallet to me to thank Me for the privilege.

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