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by Michael Smith
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queen carmella femdom

I am Queen Carmella

I have been spoiled and bratty my entire life, but I started using that to my advantage about two years ago. I’ve been making clips since November of 2019, and now put forth a lot of dedication, time, and effort into my content, as you can see because you keep coming back for more!

I love to drain men, consume their minds, and make them addicted to me, which is extremely easy for someone this hot. My favorite things consist of beautiful lingerie, fun outfits, fashion, pretty things, shopping (with your money), traveling, drinking, having fun, good food, nice restaurants, and overall, living a luxurious lifestyle as I should!

I am a recent graduate with a degree in music and vocal performance, so just my voice alone can send you tingling and aching for more! I am classy, expensive, know what I deserve, and I thrive off putting men in their place by abusing their wallets, their ego, their cocks, and manipulating them into being my property!

Money and success truly make me wet.

queen carmella femdom
queen carmella

Interview With Queen Carmella Femdom

slaveboysmith: She is one of the most beautiful women you will ever encounter, and Queen Carmella is seducing her way into the minds, and wallets, of men everywhere. Today at DommeAddiction, I kneel before her, in awe of her power and beauty. Welcome to DA, beautiful Queen. You are truly magnificent!

Queen Carmella: Wonderful. Sounds accurate.

sbs: Sounds and look accurate…you are gorgeous! Let me ask you when you first realized the power you hold over others and how that led you to the world of Carmella Femdom.

QC: Being dominant just comes naturally to me and always has. With every man in my life, I never felt I could be held down and told what to do. I started as a cam model and I still cam, but I realized that Femdom is so much more enjoyable for me because it represents my true personality. I role play within Femdom, but I don’t “fake” anything. With camming I felt I had to perform/put on an act.

sbs: You do certainly have a natural air of dominance about you that can be felt immediately. Do you offer real time sessions as well as your online presence for dominating slaves, Queen Carmella? And are there specific fetishes you particularly enjoy exploring with your submissives?

QC: I do very selective real time sessions with VERY good boys. My favorites are mesmerize, mind control, mindfuck, JOI, chastity, CEI. I specialize in coerced bi. Most boys can’t get enough of my bisexual encouraging clips.

sbs: Your entire clip store is absolutely amazing and has something for everyone! Is there one single clip you would point to and demand that everyone reading this feature purchase immediately to begin their devotion to you if they haven’t already started down that rabbit hole?

QC: I cover a wide variety of fetishes, but any of my mantra clips are great for beginners. Anything that shows of my body teasing what a man can only dream of, is great in sending you into submission to me.

sbs: You are the most exquisitely perfect tease, to be sure! Is it only men who are lured to you, offering to submit, or do you also have female submissives who bow to your superiority?

QC: I’d LOVE to have female submissives. Hopefully soon.

sbs: Well perhaps one of our DA readers will hear of this and eagerly present themselves to you for submission. Male or female, what are the ideal traits you demand in a servant of yours, beautiful Queen?

QC: Devotion, respect, and consistency. There should never be excuses. A true sub always finds it in him to please a superior Queen in some way she desires. Usually for me, that’s financial.

sbs: Can you describe for our readers how you feel knowing that any man, and likely many women, are completely spellbound by your flawless beauty and dominance?

QC: I love that I have that sort of mind control. Aside from feeling completely powerful, I feel my slaves are automatically vulnerable for me and that makes me feel completely dominant over every aspect of them.

sbs: I’m sure you are the center of attention everywhere you go in your everyday life. Does it ever become routine, knowing that anyone you wanted to could be made to serve you, or is there still a thrill in the knowledge of the power you hold over others?

QC: In real life it’s especially thrilling to capture someone that believes they’re “dominant” and show them they’re in for a rude awakening (and they love it). Next thing you know they’re letting me take them over and they’re bowing at my feet. It’s a routine knowing I’ll be the center of attention for sure.

sbs: Have you had the opportunity to take a supposed Alpha and convert them into a submissive servant to you? That must feel amazing.

QC: Yes I have…but a Queen never has to tell how.

sbs: I’m sure you are extremely persuasive. Have you ever had a fellow Domme offer themselves to you and wish to submit to you?

QC: No, but I’m not sure I would be into it if it were another Domme because I perceive fellow superior women as my equals. I’d hope we all admire each other in the pursuit to enslave men.

sbs: Have you had the opportunity to session with or collaborate on clips with any other Dommes? If not, is there anyone out there you would truly love to work with that we can share a shout out to?

QC: No, but I’d love to! I’ve only been making clips for a year, so hopefully the next step is meeting some of the other Dommes and working together. I typically travel often and I’ll be living in Miami very shortly, so if any ladies are there, hit me up.

sbs: That sounds like something that would be amazing for us slaves to see…you and a fellow Domme doing clips together, sessions perhaps. So what does come next for you, Queen Carmella? What can your devoted slaves eagerly anticipate from their Queen?

QC: TONS of new clips in a variety of different Femdom categories. I’m aiming for 5-6 clips per week at least. Advanced editing as I’ve just upgraded my software and I’m about to get new software shortly as well. My clips will only make you fall harder as time goes on. As I’ve said, I’m in the process of a move. Once I’m settled I plan on opening up Skype sessions again (in the new year) and VERY select real time sessions when some really good local boys step forward in my new city.

sbs: So much to look forward to Queen Carmella. For those, like myself, completely spellbound by you, what advice would you give them before they approach and offer themselves to you as your devoted pet?

QC: Be prepared to be completely devoted. Falling for me becomes so immediate which can be frightening for some. My power that radiates can be overwhelming, but you must place your trust in me. You must be ready to commit.

sbs: You are an overwhelmingly beautiful woman, Queen Carmella. I can say that you’ve had me wrapped around your finger for this entire interview. With your permission may this slaveboy please ask one final question of you before crawling away and getting to work on your feature?

QC: Yes, you may.

sbs: Thank you so much. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you as I asked my questions, how might such an interview conclude?

QC: You’d be left feeling weak and as submissive as possible because if you were wrapped around my finger now, just imagine actually being in my presence. You’d be trembling. You probably wouldn’t be able to ask the questions. But…you would get nothing further, because you’re already lucky to have been in the same room as me.

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queen carmella



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