Queen Blaire – Bratty Sculpted Beauty

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Queen Blaire says…so obey like a good boy!

*Tomorrow, February 6th, is Queen Blaire’s birthday. Have you planned how you’ll make sure it’s as special as she is?*

Queen Blaire muscle flex

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Leg Loving Loser

slaveboysmith: This is the first of many custom clips highlighted in this feature. How does it feel to read the desperate begging of a slave to bring their fantasies to life, in this case, teasing and humiliating him for his uncontrollable lust for your perfect legs?

Queen Blaire: This was a new type of custom I hadn’t ever been asked to do. In the past, I’ve had leg fetish clips ordered from Me but this one was more of an “ignore” type scene. I’m in the mall, My friend is with Me and We have a “conversation” while I’m also acknowledging the clip viewer just enough to keep them nervous and excited. It was really fun to imagine being with a girlfriend of Mine and teasing/humiliating some old perv across the mall. My legs are powerful, moving them even slightly causes trouble for desperate men and their leaking dicks. I enjoy watching them get red in the face when they realize who is in control, even from across the room.

Humiliated by Calves

sbs: Your legs are perfectly sculpted from hours spent in the gym. I have no doubt that your muscular legs and in particular your calves, are the envy of many women and the source of lustful inspiration for men. Any funny moments during your time in the gym that you might wish to share?

QB: I’m so focused on My workout at the gym that I have probably missed most the simping and drooling as I lift more than them. Most of the time I’m just catching eyes as I walk through. Making eye contact with them and walking away. They know they could never have a chance with a woman like Me. That’s why it’s best to just submit and worship, accept the fate of being My weak bitch.

Stroke for My Feet

sbs: Watching you tease and tempt with your beautiful feet is something no man could ever resist. How does it feel to know that men worldwide are edging and leaking for your perfect arches and delectable toes? And as inevitable is it is, they will surely cum, whether they mean to or not. Once they do, how does it feel to know they are obediently licking up their worship puddle for Queen Blaire?

QB: UGH! I love foot worship and CEI so much. The two combined are a match made in heaven and I will forever love making men clean up their messes after becoming overworked by My soft soles. Edging harder and harder as I moan and touch Myself too. This clip is VERY hot and I want all My good foot sluts to be getting that protein in!

Locked and Broken

sbs: From my limited experience I have learned that the most agonizing part of chastity of any kind is when a beautiful bratty Temptress is teasing us mercilessly. What can you share about the reactions of men you’ve locked away and teased? How do you know when they break?

QB: They leak… and leak… and leak… and never stop. You can see it in the way they react, hear it in the noises they make. It’s incredibly easy to break a man when his cock is locked away and in My control. It’s uncomfortable, from what I’ve heard, and impossible to think. That’s the purpose though, brain off, cock off. Let My energy and power override any thoughts you have and fall into a blissful state. I’m the center of your universe and nothing else matters but Me. So, I get to lock and break you and gain immense pleasure from it.

I Flex, you $end

sbs: Muscular women are such a turn on for so many of us. The combination of power and beauty you display are intoxicating Queen Blaire. How does it feel knowing that your flexing is making our own muscles stiffen and throb so easily? And once you have us flexing the only muscle that matters, how does that transition easily into Findom for you, beautiful Queen?

QB: This is another combo that I think is completely unmatched. Muscle domination is so sexy, and these muscles really are meant to be worshiped and paid. If a sub feels pleasure looking at My muscles then it’s only right that I feel that pleasure as well. How does a weak loser slut please a powerful woman like Me? MONEY. That’s the opportunity you have in this clip and good boys will follow every order to hit send.

Queen Blaire legs and feet
Queen Blaire leather and lace
Queen Blaire chastity cage ass worship

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