Goddess Evelyn – The Hot Mean Girl

by Michael Smith
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I am Goddess Evelyn, The Hot Mean Girl who strips away your ego one insult at a time…revealing your true nature as a submissive bitch. A true Female supremacist, I’m not your average Dominatrix.

My body is perfection. My eyes mesmerize you and My words make you weak. I am the whole package. The second you laid eyes on Me you felt the rush. The need. You crave to be humiliated and put in your place.

I’ll take everything you have. I’ll strip away your ego one insult at a time, revealing your true nature as a submissive bitch. There’s no going back after The Hot Mean Girl has had Her way with you..

Goddess Evelyn cleavage and glossy lips

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Your Sex Life

Holiday Cock Slut

Sending You To Premie Prison

Things to know about Goddess Evelyn:

  • As one of the first, and definitely most successful, Goddess Evelyn is a TPA Goddess who reached and surpassed the 100k mark as quickly as anyone could ever have imagined. She took to The Poison Academy teachings perfectly and has become elite as a Domme.
  • Her love of coerced bi training in her clips and premature ejaculation training makes her clip creations absolutely devastating. If you’ve ever worried about being a premie bitch, or found yourself getting hard while thinking about cock, you’re primed to become Goddess Evelyn’s bitch!
  • Her recent foray into cuckolding has set a high bar in content creation. Watching the girl of your dreams taking a real man’s cock, receiving pleasure in ways you never could give her is so agonizing and arousing, isn’t it cuck?

Links to Goddess Evelyn’s Femdom World:



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Goddess Evelyn black and pink panties
Goddess Evelyn pink bikini
Goddess Evelyn blue eyes lollipop

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