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by Michael Smith
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It’s been a while since my last update about my servitude to my Owner, Goddess Jessica.  As I contemplated possible topics for an update, I realized one was rather obvious.  Of late, I’ve had several fellow slaves, and even some other Dommes, asking me about how my devotion to Goddess Jessica fit together with the fact that I’m a married man. 

The short answer is…it’s complicated! My wife could never compare to a woman as perfect as the stunning and beautiful Goddess Jessica.  My chastity/cock control training under Goddess Jessica’s guidance has had an obvious effect on my sex life with my wife.  When it first began, Goddess toyed with me as she implied that when I was granted permission to cum, sex with my wife might still be possible, but as our relationship as Domme and slave has progressed, it has been made very clear that I am no longer to have sex with her…ever! Goddess Jessica owns my cock, and if I cum, it will be for her and not for my wife.  This created obvious discord in my marriage, but I’ve addressed it as well as I can, explaining to my wife that I wasn’t sexually attracted to her any longer while still wishing to stay married.  For now at least, that has been accepted and is working out as well as can be expected. I don’t want to end my marriage, but serving Goddess Jessica is all-consuming.

Another element of difficulty has been the secrecy of carrying out Goddess’ commands without my wife finding out.  Paying tribute and spending money on gifts for Goddess Jessica while keeping it secret from my wife has been a challenge.  Goddess had me push beyond that wall of secrecy a little as she insisted that I leave her picture as my screensaver on my laptop and on my phone rather than changing them when my wife was around.  When my wife saw the pictures, she obviously wasn’t very happy about them.  She doesn’t know who Goddess Jessica is, or what she means to me, only that I think she’s hot and wanted pictures of her to look at.  My wife actually got defensive and said that Goddess Jessica looks like a slut when she saw this picture on my phone.


She was even less happy when I defended my Goddess responding that she was the hottest woman I have ever seen.  That caused one of several arguments that have occurred as a result of the conflict between my vows as a husband and my devoted servitude as a slave.  The longer I serve, the clearer the situation has become.  After completing a task for Goddess Jessica that involved doing something that betrayed my marital vows, she responded to me “what a bad boy!”  My response was that being a good slave was more important to me than being a good husband.  Goddess enjoyed that so much she actually tweeted it out.  The longer I live as her owned slave, the more clear it becomes that Goddess Jessica is always to be made my 1st priority.  I am in love with Goddess Jessica, and I obey her every command.  Where that will lead to, and how my marriage might suffer as a result, is out of my control now.  I belong to Goddess Jessica and she makes the rules and she is always the Boss. 


As this blog post concerns my marriage and the effects of serving Goddess Jessica as her slave, I felt it only appropriate to include links to many amazing homewrecker clips featuring My Queen, the one and only Goddess of my dreams, Goddess Jessica. There is no doubt a woman like Goddess Jessica has been the ruin of many a marriage.  The question that remains…will mine become one of them?

Married Men

Maybe it’s because their wives are so jealous that they make it a taboo for their husband to talk to or even look at other women, so other women become a fetish. Maybe it’s because they are so tired of their boring, pudgy wife and her boring, pudgy parts. Mostly it’s just that men spend their entire lives yearning for a young, pretty thing… especially a fiery one bursting with life and laughter. No wonder married men flock to me. No wonder they trip all over themselves when I exceed their wildest fantasies and I start flirting with them, even hitting on them. They sometimes even cripple over with a hard on. I know I have them when they start blushing, can’t make eye contact, stutter. That’s when I pounce. They have nothing else to fantasize about, nothing else that is thrilling in their lives so you can imagine how much they ruminate about me every night, I consume their thoughts. They become desperate for more of me, a fun little toy for me to play with. When I filmed this clip I was just about to leave for a 35 day Eurotip. I mention that I’ll probably homewreck several men on my trip just for the fun of it. I did, of course, one I even filmed… https://instagram.com/p/8BHihoL67U/?taken-by=divinegoddessjessica

This clip features elements of: Ass Worship,Cock Tease,Femdom,Femdom POV,Financial Domination,Goddess Worship,Seduction,Mean Girls,Ass Tease,Seductress

Homewrecking Neighbor Girl

You stop by my house to bring me a beautiful bouquet of “welcome to the neighborhood” flowers. How sweet… and over the top. We sit down for a chat and before you know it you’re inviting me out to dinner at the poshest restaurant in town, would your wife be happy about that? Look at you falling all over yourself in front of me, drooling over me hot little body, this is definitely a situation I can take advantage of!

This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Femdom POV,Financial Domination,Goddess Worship,Adult Role Play,Thong Fetish,Slave Training,House Bitch,Findom,Role Play

Bye Felicia

I’ve tolerated your stupid, clingy girlfriend for a long time, but today when you tried to ditch me for her… yeah. Time to put an end to that. I take control and make you drop that 5. The end,okay? I’m a TEN. Stop distracting yourself with that mess and focus on me. Here, I’ll type out the break up text and help you press send. I want you pining for me the rest of your life and no pussy is going to get in the way of me and my play thing. https://instagram.com/p/5LZWKwL637/?taken-by=divinegoddessjessica

This clip features elements of: Bratty,Bratty Princess,Verbal Humiliation,Verbal Abuse, Bratty Goddess,Femdom Brat,Life Coach,Therapist

Naughty Husband Series

Get your poppers back out! I want you jerking for me again and I could care less about your beat wife waking up, that is YOUR problem. You are such a loser you deserve to be teased and edged and denied. Disregard that run down hag sleeping next to you and follow my instructions, I know you’ve got some blue balls that need taking care of! Pt 1 https://iwantclips.com/store/192/Goddess-Jessica/6304/Naughty-Husband-Part-One Pt 3 https://iwantclips.com/store/192/Goddess-Jessica/6303/Naughty-Husband-Part-Three  Pt 4 https://iwantclips.com/store/192/Goddess-Jessica/7375/Naughty-Husband-4 Pt 5 https://iwantclips.com/store/192/Goddess-Jessica/7930/Naughty-Husband-Part-5

This clip features elements of: Blackmail Fantasy,Brat Girls, Embarrassment, Humiliation,Tease & Denial,Edging,Homewrecker

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