Clip Review: Blackmail Addiction From Hell – Featuring Miss Crystal Knight

by Michael Smith
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Like a constrictor snake slowly squeezing the life out of it’s prey, gorgeous Miss Crystal Knight will slowly take control of you and your money, leaving you helpless and ruined.  It begins with one glance of her icy blue eyes.  The hypnotic effect of her gorgeous eyes cannot be underestimated.  From there, her glossy pink lips weaken you further, leaving  you completely vulnerable and wanting as she shows you her stunning cleavage that will be the end of you.  Your resistance crumbles and before you can even realize it’s happening, Miss Crystal begins extracting critical personal information from you. 
Listen to her sensual voice, watch her trace her hands over her magnificent breasts and feel yourself drawn into her wicked web.  Before long, you’ve given her your name, told her where you live, and even surrendered contact information for your wife or girlfriend.  Can you feel her tightening around you as your world unravels? She’s taken everything she needs from you to ensure total compliance and now it’s time to drain that wallet of yours.  You want to be a good boy and keep Miss Crystal happy, don’t you? You wouldn’t want to take the chance that she’ll use the information you gave her to completely ruin you, would you? Her beauty lured you into a rabbit hole that you’ll never climb out of.  She owns you and can destroy you with little effort at all.  Your life as you know it is wrapped around the sexy little finger of your new Owner, blackmail Goddess Miss Crystal Knight. 
This was my first clip purchase from the stunning Miss Crystal Knight, and what a first impression she makes! Beautiful, sexy and alluring, she is a perfect Temptress.  It’s not hard to imagine men getting in way over their head as soon as Miss Crystal begins to tease and tempt.  Enjoy this sensual and erotic clip, and if you find yourself feeling weak and surrendering information you have no business giving her, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone!

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Clip Name: Blackmail Addiction From Hell
Models In The Clip: Miss Crystal Knight
Date Reviewed: December 27th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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