Feature Interview: Princess Alexa

by Michael Smith
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Are you ready for girl like Princess Alexa? I know she’s what you’ve dreamed about and lusted after, but are you sure you can handle this? She’s the ultimate bratty Princess and she will seduce and destroy you before you even realize it’s happening.  While you’re throbbing for this gorgeous little blonde Temptress, she’s making plans to humiliate and drain you of everything you have.  Don’t let the cute cheerleader look fool you. Deep down, Princess Alexa is a controlling manipulative brat that always gets what she wants. But maybe that’s exactly what you need.  Maybe that desire you’ve always had needs to be satisfied.  And maybe you need to kneel down, make contact with, and devote yourself to pleasing your beautiful new addiction.  Does it begin with purchasing one of her clips? Will it be a visit to her Chaturbate site and a private show? What will the trigger be that starts your spiral into complete devotion to Princess Alexa? Maybe just seeing her introduction above, and reading the interview that follows, will be enough to start your addiction.  Are you ready? This is what you want, right slave?

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slaveboysmith: In all the interviews I’ve conducted, the story behind how a particular Domme got to where she is now, adored by many slaves while dominating men, is always a little different. What can you tell me about your journey as you transition from webcam girl to Femdom Princess?

Princess Alexa: Probably not all that surprising, however, I was a Domme before I started camming. It actually all started when I knew I was too good to go to class everyday, that and I stayed up all night partying. I decided to instead take Online School and yet again, I knew I was too good for that. I stumbled upon some weak lonely men online that would just beg to do anything I wanted. Soon after I had a RealTime financial slave that loved to spoil me and take me out. He was the first, but not the last. This all went on until I moved away for college. As you can imagine I am not a “minimum wage” kind of girl. I started taking men for more than they could imagine. Camming on Chaturbate just fell perfectly into place with Me doing what I love best.

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life? At what point did you first realize the power you held over men?

PA: I am a Brat. Things are done My way! Yes I am dominant in every aspect. That’s not to say I don’t ease up sometimes. Things are done better when they are done the way I want. I know what’s best. I have always known that men were easily manipulated and easily controlled. Once I was in My teens men couldn’t resist me. Some of my first Femdom moments, before I was fully involved in Femdom, were with my boyfriend of the time. He admitted to me that was was submissive and loved being used, however I never knew how pathetic he was until one night I was sitting on his bed beside him and he just would not stop begging to fuck me. “No, shut up I don’t want to fuck you right now” I said over and over again, but he would not give in. He went as far as getting on his knees grovelling at my feet full on begging and crying for me to fuck him. I got so annoyed that I kicked him away from me. He hit his head on the side of a table beside his bed. Not even that stopped him from begging for me. Finally I had enough of him crying and begging… I left and went out with some “friends” to party… the pictures I posted while I was out with my friend , who happened to be a man, crushed him. The sorry little fuck was at my house when I got home with flowers and my favorite Roche dark chocolate. He was probably sitting there for 8 hours waiting for me… whattta loser! And no, I didn’t let him inside my house after either.

sbs: Describe a typical webcam show with Princess Alexa? What can a viewer expect when they kneel before you in session? What type of Show do you prefer?

PA: I enjoy doing several different types of camshows. Findom, humiliation, sissy, cuckolding, blackmail, slave training, JOI, ass worship, feet and heel worship, Goddess Worship, Closet Gay fantasy, pegging. I could go on about all the things I do regularly however here are some of my favorites. I LOVE humiliation, its one of my favorite things to do, and I am well known for my creative, ruthless, bitchy ways. I don’t care if its SPH or laughing at you wearing panties. I love it all and everything in between. People always ask “Does humiliating men turn you on? ” The honest answer is – No it does not turn me on, However it makes me really happy and I love to do it. I get a fucking Kick out of it. Another favorite is Forced Bi shows. Mmm, my favorite! I have a way of speaking that brings it all to life. You will feel used, treated like a whore, and worthless! For the ones that are a little less kinky and just love Jerk off Instruction I take control of you and own your cock. I will tease you, control you, and determine if I feel you deserve to cum for Me.

sbs: Your store at iWantClips is beginning to show a broad spectrum of clip genres as you continue to build and add to it. Is there one type of clip you enjoy making more than all others?

PA: I love the humiliation ones, as I love to push you to the ground and spit on your while you’re there. Reminding you of how much I despise worthless men and how you will never be with Me. I also really enjoy foot fetish clips. I honestly love having my feet played with, kissed, licked, toes sucked… ugh, I can’t even think about it otherwise I will get distracted while writing this and run away to be Worshiped. Although I love all the clips I do. I will be adding new clips every week, and plan to keep adding new genres. I also do Custom Clips on iWantClips. So if there is a clip you would like that I have not done or want a special one just for you, you can order it to your specifications. If the category that you’re looking for isn’t on the list just message me and ask if I do it. I just didn’t want to overcrowd the list with tons of options.

sbs: How does it make you feel knowing that men around the world are aroused by, and lusting after, your perfect beauty as they watch you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

PA: I have men lusting after me when I am paying for my groceries. It is something I am used to and if you use that power correctly you will have men eating out of the palm of your hand like the little puppies they are.

sbs: Do you prefer repeat visits from slaves to your Chaturbate room, or is it fun to play with new admirers and shape them into your drooling slave pets?

PA: I love having regulars but its also fun playing with someone new. I am unlike most Femdoms and so when they come to do a show with me they will be in for a fun ride. I find it really amusing to play with new men that come in to see me. Its like I am their long awaited fantasy they have always wished for come to life. I have My owned slaves as well as “just for fun” slaves that come to see me every weekend. I know each time they see Me they fall deeper in love with their Princess. I have turned “Just for fun” slaves into good, obedient, loyal slaves and they never saw it coming.

sbs: Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

PA: Currently I am not doing R/T sessions. I am a busy girl and my time is very valuable. I am currently in College and when I am not doing school work I am relaxing, making clips, camming, and using my little slave boys for my amusement. After a long stressful week of class I love letting my stress out by laughing at you and treating you like my bitch!

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PA: As far as I know I have not. I’m sure if it did happen though he would probably piss his panties and stand their frozen in time as everyone laughed and pointed at him. 🙂

sbs: Clip sales, wishlist purchases, tributes, or webcam sessions? What is the best way for an admiring slave to make an impression and show they’re serious about serving you?

PA: All of the above! Doing each and every one of those things is a great way to show me you are serious. Cam sessions allow me to use you the best and you get to know me a bit better. I do not require you to be on cam during a session, but if you are I will have a lot more fun with you! Tributing is an obvious one. I am a Princess, and all my little minions need to pay up to keep me happy. I love shopping, and the finer things in life. When you tribute you are showing that you know where your money belongs and your reason for living. I do not have a wishlist but I do accept Amazon Giftcards. To get my email to send them to me you can contact me on Twitter, or Chaturbate and iWantClips both have an item named “Amazon Giftcard’ that has my email.

sbs: Anything else you wish to say to your admiring slaves, and potential new ones who may crawl to you after reading this interview, Princess?

PA: I am the perfect “Barbie” with a dungeon is her castle for men to serve me. I may look cute, sweet, and innocent, but once you get past my gorgeous smile and captivating eyes you will find a very intoxicating, bratty, kinky femdom Princess that you have always asked yourself if someone so amazing could really exist. I do accept applications to be my slave/submissive. Which includes finsub, benefactor, sissys, cuckolds, blackmail, humiliation junkies.. so on. You can apply to be my slave by following the link below to my slave application on iWantClips or you may send me a $50 amazon giftcard and I will personally send you the application.

How deep inside your head is Princess Alexa already? Does she have your cock hard and are you thinking about all the ways you can distinguish yourself as a serious submissive to her? Be a good boy and follow Princess Alexa’s instructions and show her how badly you NEED to serve her.  You have no idea what’s in store for you, but Princess always gets her way and she’s looking forward to owning you!

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Twitter – @GoddessAlexa20

Chaturbate – Dirtytalk18

Iwantclips – Princess Alexa https://iwantclips.com/store/7312/Princess-Alexa

Slave Application –https://iwantclips.com/store/7312/Princess-Alexa/42764/Slave-Application

Giftcard Email – https://iwantclips.com/store/7312/Princess-Alexa/44049/Spoil-Me-with-Amazon-Giftcards

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