Feature Interview: Miss Victoria Reign

by Michael Smith
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She’s the raven-haired Goddess of your dreams, and Miss Victoria Reign will wrap you in her seductive web the instant you meet her.  Resisting serves no purpose, and is of little challenge to a woman as sensual and dominant as Miss Victoria.  Drop to your knees, open your wallet and be ready to surrender fully.  You’ll enter her world as you are, and crawl away a broken and subservient pay slut!


slaveboysmith: Joining me tonight is the very beautiful and elusive Miss Victoria Reign. This interview has been a long time in the making, but well worth the wait I’m sure. I’m so glad to have the privilege of interviewing you Miss Victoria.

Miss Victoria Reign: Well, thank you. I have been looking forward to my first actual, fetish interview.

sbs: I hope it lives up to your expectations Miss Victoria. Let me begin by asking your backstory of how you got into being a Dominatrix and the pathway that led you to where you are today.

MVR: Well, you’re not going to hear the “same old story.” I didn’t grow up a dominant, spoiled brat. My family was low class, and we lived in a small country town in central PA. My mother was a bartender, and my dad worked at a factory, in a low-level management position. I always had a very dominant personality growing up, but always ignored it, and I did what pleased others. My mom died when I was 15, and that is when I started to break out of my “goody goody” shell, and I started to explore my sexuality. I was always very eager to please others. I got into a very abusive relationship, at the age of 17, and lived as a battered “wife”, for four years. The longer I was in that relationship, the more my dominant side started to show. I started standing up for myself, and doing whatever I wanted. It felt SO good, to finally be ME! One day, I got the courage to leave him, and that was when I really started to blossom. I dated on and off, and started to find out what really got me hot. I “dated” a guy who loved being tied up and humiliated in bed. I LOVED IT. I started to look online for like-minded individuals, and that is when I realized how popular BDSM was. In a small town like this, it is taboo. 50 Shades of Grey didn’t even come to any of our local theaters, due to content. About three years ago, I decided to take my lifestyle BDSM to a different level, and I made Fetlife and CollarMe accounts. It only took hours, before I had men in my messages begging for a pay to play type relationship, and it was only a few hours after that, that I had “paypigs” in my private messages. I had never heard of financial domination before. I had practiced it, but did not know it had a name. I had a few men who would take me shopping, out to dinner, and send me cash. They were like sugar daddies, but there was no sexual content. When I found the online scene, I was in heaven. There is no scene in my area. There are men who are into BDSM and financial domination, but they are too scared of being exposed. I started out online very small. But, as time went on, I found myself, finding myself, more and more. After being online for a year, in 2013, I started filming clips. I LOVE being able to indulge my fetishes, as well as those of others. It’s like a release. Clips are my true passion. With no local scene, real time sessions are hard to schedule, unless they travel, or I do. So, clips are my way of expressing myself, and indulging in my kink side.

sbs: Speaking of clips, you’re constantly adding to your stores with more and more amazing content. What are some of your favourite fetishes you enjoy bringing to life in your amazing video clips?

MVR: My biggest fetish is Financial Domination / Rinsing. Taking money from weak men, really does turn me on. I love the power exchange. So many men, and women for that matter, equate money with power. So, when I take all of someone’s, it’s like I’m taking all his power. Strapon play is next on my list! I usually get so turned on after I make a strapon clip, I have to take a break to pleasure myself! I love doing forced bi, and strapon sessions, especially when it’s the subs first time. I love foot worship, but more in a real time setting. I LOVE having my feet worshiped. Sucking on my toes turns me on more than sucking on my tits! JOI clips are also fun! I love the thought that you are doing EXACTLY as I tell you. I love knowing that when I tell them to edge, they edge. When I tell them to cum, they cum. I just love the power involved.

sbs: I can sense that the power of controlling men is something that is very appealing to you. Along those lines, how does it make you feel knowing that men around the world are aroused by, and lusting after your perfect beauty as they watch you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

MVR: I’ve definitely become more accustomed to the idea, but it still blows my mind at times. To know, that at any given minute, there is a guy out there hard over my pictures, is a huge turn on. It actually gets my man off, as well. Knowing that men all over the world pay to worship the woman he sleeps with. He loves it.

sbs: The ultimate cuckolding experience! He’s a very lucky man. Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

MVR: Oh, I have met some. I love real time. It’s by far my favorite way to have a session. Watching the look on their face the first time they see me, is priceless. I’m really considering moving to the city, so that real time is more of an option for my subs.

sbs: Are the types of sessions you do real time different in terms of the types of fetishes you explore than say your clips would be? I can imagine a slave’s reaction to meeting you in person for the first time. In a word, overwhelming!

MVR: No, they are very parallel. I don’t do any type of session that I’m not comfortable with, or that doesn’t excite me in some way. I offer cash meets, shopping sessions, forced bi, strapon, foot worship, body worship, humiliation, ball busting, and things along those lines. My clip stores are a very good place to get a feel for my fetishes and my style.

sbs: A warm up to the privilege of serving you in person if they’re a very good slave, perhaps? You mentioned moving to the city. Where you live, or travel to, have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

MVR: Well, I’ve only had a slave approach me in public once. But, it’s a known fact that this is what I do. The one time a slave approached me in public, his face was red, he was sweating, and all he did was hand me $100 and leave. When I have a meet set up, they usually stutter, and sometimes don’t calm down, until after I have left. This is such a small town, that everyone knows everyone. So, for a sub to admit he recognized me, admits that he is into BDSM, and that subject is still new around here. I get a lot of messages on collar space from local subs, too ashamed of their fetishes, to admit it in a public space.

sbs: For those brave enough, which is your preference: clip sales, wishlist purchases, tributes, or something else? What is the best way for an admiring slave to make an impression and show they’re serious about serving you?

MVR: The very first time, a tribute, of course; an offering, showing that you wish to give in to your fantasy. I love wishlist purchases, because they are more personal, and it gives you more insight into what the sub is about. Clip sales are impressive when they are big! I love opening an email to find a $300 clip order, knowing that someone is going to be rock hard to me for days. My favorite email to open, though, is a gift card, or a clip store tribute.

sbs: A sign of appreciation for how beautiful and superior you are, for sure! Thank you so much for the privilege of interviewing you Miss Victoria. Anything else you wish to say to your admiring slaves, and potential new ones who may crawl to you after reading this interview?

MVR: I’m always accepting cash and new eager to please pets. 😉 I truly am a seductive Goddess. I take what I want, and leave you feeling like you’re the one on top. My clip stores are always being uploaded with new content, and it’s the best way to get a taste of Victoria. You can get a real feel for me, just by watching one clip. WARNING: I am highly addictive, so approach with caution. 😉 Thank you for your professionalism. I respect your page, and the fact that you only interview/promote actual sex workers.

sbs: It is most definitely something I LOVE to do Miss Victoria. If I may, would you indulge me one final question?

MVR: Yes, I would.

sbs: My question actually has to do with what might be if we were conducting this interview in person rather than via Skype. How would it end?

MVR: Well, I would, at the very least, make you bow down and kiss my feet…then, I would probably make you empty the contents of your wallet. LOL I just can’t help myself 😉

Whether you end up kissing her perfect feet, being drained as her financial servant, or on the end of her strapon as she enthusiastically emasculates you completely, you’re no match for a gorgeous Domme like Miss Victoria Reign.  She will own you in a heartbeat and you’ll love belonging to her! Enjoy getting to know a little more about this remarkable Goddess and be sure to check out all her links, making sure to be ready to spoil her thoroughly.

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Twitter – @MsVictoriaReign
Clips4sale –  clips4sale.com/76549
YouKandy Profile – youkandy.com/missvictoriar
Wishlist – SpoilVictoria.com
Miss Victoria’s Blog – missvictoriareign.weebly.com/

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