Feature Interview: Goddess Sophia Stone

by Michael Smith
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From the moment I first interacted with Goddess Sophia, I could feel her dominant presence even through a computer screen.  She is a commanding Goddess who is as intimidating to men as she is beautiful and alluring.  There is little doubt that Goddess could make men do anything she wanted, either by seduction, or force.  Will she tempt and tease you into obeying or physically subjugate you until you comply? Either way, you are completely over-matched by this gorgeous beauty, and you’ll enjoy submitting to her more than you could imagine!


sbs: Today I have the distinct privilege of having the gorgeous, and very dangerous, Goddess Sophia Stone join me for a feature interview. Goddess, if I promise to be on my best behaviour, will you promise not to break me?

Goddess Sophia Stone: Oh I could never make that kind of promise. Unless I cross my fingers behind my back. 😉

sbs: That’s a little of what worries me. I ask that question, very respectfully and carefully, because one look at your clipstores, and what is popular, and it would seem many slaves enjoy the thought of you ending their lives. Can you explain your immense popularity in the category of Executrix clips?

GSS: I would say right now about 99% of my videos are customs and the Executrix genre is by far my most popular request. I get all kinds of ideas on how they wish to be “ended”, ranging from having their heart stop from an (induced) orgasm, to being drowned in a bathtub with my boot on their back. I think my popularity in this particular fetish stems from a few reasons. My domination is not “evil” in the traditional sense. My style is much more sensual…lulling you into a sense of comfort, or a false sense of safety if you will. Then with a soft word and a smile, I become your best/worst nightmare. I’m not a scream and holler type of person, I like the pain to be slow and methodical. In addition to my particular style, we (Naughty Dragon Studios) put an enormous amount of effort and time into production. There are usually two cameras working, lighting is of the utmost importance, and there is considerable work put into post-production. I believe fans come to me with complicated requests because they know I will put the time and effort into creating exactly what they have in their minds…only better 😉 Plus I have a pretty substantial ass with which to smother you and huge boobs if that’s your thing haha

sbs: You certainly have produced some stunning clips with intricate story lines and incredible visuals. You have a remarkable ass, again I say this very respectfully, and your breasts are incredible too. Smothering certainly seems to be prevalent in your clips as well. I still have chills thinking about you in that sexy black catsuit smothering or scissoring a slave into submission. What are you thinking and feeling as you take the slave’s life literally in your hands as you lower your amazing ass onto them, smother them with your breasts, or squeeze the life out of them with your powerful thighs?

GSS: It’s empowering to say the least. There’s an interesting (and possibly a little disturbing) aspect to my personality apparently that is dark and sadistic. If anything, I get a kick out of smothering someone with my breasts, looking down as their face just disappears. Mostly I’m thinking, “damn these things are big!” and then get back to the satisfaction that their face is turning purple.

sbs: Would it be safe to say it gives you pleasure, perhaps even arouses you, Goddess?

GSS: Most definitely. My particular favorite position is to scissorhold around the waist while pulling the head into my chest. It’s the best of both worlds. I’ll do that move occasionally in sessions and I think that is a client favorite as well.

sbs: I’ve seen that in your clips and always wondered what it might be like to be between your thighs like that. I have meant to ask Jason Ninja, who has had the privilege of filming with you several times, what the experience is like from a slave perspective. Any thoughts?

GSS: Thoughts on what in particular?

sbs: What kind of experience the slave is having as he feels you pressing down on him, taking away his ability to breath, or squeezing your thighs together in a scissorhold.

GSS: I’m sure it is both scary and exciting. Quite honestly my legs are insanely strong. When I put my full power behind a squeeze, I think most are surprised at the strength in my thighs and what I can do with them. I’ve had some tap out immediately and some hang on a little longer than expected.

sbs: You are a very powerful and intimidating woman I’m sure. The vision of you in boots and a catsuit striding towards a slave could bring any man to his knees. Does overwhelming a slave as you do bring satisfaction to you or is it commonplace and something you’ve become accustomed to?

GSS: Oh I’m definitely not jaded. I receive immense satisfaction from it…every time.

sbs: Making it even more irresistible to the slave, I’m sure. Have you ever done any strapon training? It would seem a natural in terms of your ability to overpower and “take” men any way you wish.

GSS: I have done female strapon training once on film. I have enjoyed strapon training some men in sessions. It does come quite natural as a matter of fact.

sbs: I can only imagine how a slave would feel, strapped down, bent over and looking up at you walking towards them with a huge strapon between your legs. I may have just shivered!

GSS: Ha, well shivering is the tip of the iceberg in terms of reactions. If you ever had any questions as to your position in life, it is clarified rather quickly once I get hold of you.

sbs: And by hold would that be hands roughly grabbing hips, nails raking down a slave’s back or perhaps both? Safe to assume you enjoy a rather larger strapon for maximum devastation of your prey?

GSS: I’m a big girl, of course I would have a large, soul-crushing strap-on. Having me towering at 6′ in my heels would look a little silly with a tiny one, would it not? I’m all for grabbing hips to pull in deeper, but if you have any hair on your head that’s what I’ll be going for more often than not.

sbs: My god I never even thought of that option. Having your head pulled roughly back while feeling your ass stretched in ways it was never intended…that would tend to leave an impression I’m sure. I may need a cold shower after this interview with you Goddess!

GSS: It’s a nice image isn’t it?

sbs: Very nice and very intimidating 🙂 You create a number of indelible images in a slave’s mind every day, I’m sure. As we’ve addressed some of the wicked fetishes you enjoy bringing to life in your clips, and in sessions, how do you feel about coerced/forced bi sessions?

GSS: That would be a personal favorite of mine but something I don’t get to do nearly enough. I have always been a BIG fan of gay porn, especially when it involves someone who needs a little…persuading, shall we say. I think deep down there is an inherent curiosity in most men, and to have a powerful woman convince you to try something you never thought you would EVER do…well, that’s just a ton of fun for me. To watch the thoughts and the doubts race through the mind, to seeing the shock of the actual experience is quite interesting and entertaining.

sbs: Any plans to introduce this genre to your clipstores? Having been in that position as a slave myself once, I can say it is an incredible conflict of emotions and thoughts. I think of it very often.

GSS: Certainly. As I mentioned, the majority of the clips I’ve filmed the last 6 months have all been customs and that hasn’t been requested yet…since most everyone wants me to “off” them in some awesomely horrible way most of the time haha! However, I will be doubling the amount of filming I do in 2016 and can finally film some outside of the customs. I will definitely introduce forced bi to the repertoire.

sbs: I think I speak for many when I say that will be incredible to see. That seems like a perfect segue into what’s new and upcoming for you. Now that you’ve likely left most readers drooling over your previous answers, what else do you have in store for us lustful slaves who can’t get enough of you Goddess?

GSS: I am very excited to announce that in 2016 I am making some considerable changes to my schedule. Moving forward, I will be available for cam and real-time sessions on a more regular basis and will also open back up the phone lines. Additionally, there will be a substantial increase in the amount of videos produced and I’ll be bringing in more models on a regular basis. I’m thrilled how things have grown in 2015, even with having less availability this year. I’m even more excited to see it grow in 2016 when I will be able to dedicate more time.

sbs: Well, as always, if I may be of service to you in letting everyone know what you have to offer, please feel free to use me Goddess. As you know, I rather enjoy it 😉

GSS: I appreciate that and thank you for your time and dedication.

sbs: It is a privilege and pleasure to serve Goddess. Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. I may never recover!

GSS: Recovery is overrated. Ciao 😉

Have you ever felt like one of those cat toys that gets batted around and played with? Ignored until you let your guard down only to be pounced upon once again? This interview as something along those lines as every time I settled into some level of comfort, Goddess Sophia stunned me with yet another erotic and arousing response.  What an absolute delight it is to be in her presence.  Treat yourself, and Goddess Sophia, by visiting the links below and exploring every nuance of her sensational dominant presence.  Fall to your knees and embrace servitude to this gorgeous blue-eyed Amazon Goddess that will haunt your dreams!


Twitter – @MissSophiaStone
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Tribute Goddess Sophia – misssophiastone.com/tribute.html

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