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by Celebrity Slave
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DommeAddiction had the distinct pleasure and privilege of interviewing the most elegant Femme Domme. She is an expert in controlling a male’s mind with ease. She is a Mental Sadist and She will read your mind in an instant and control it to Her needs. The power and control She has is immense. Femme.S will have you on your knees begging for Her attention and you would eagerly do whatever it takes to please Her in an instant.Only a second is what She needs to make you willing to push your limits to please Her. Interviewing this Domme Femme was a memorable and terrifying experience yet the masochist in me, I’m ashamed to say, loved every moment of it. She took control over me as I interviewed Her so fast I couldn’t think straight. She had total power over me right from the moment we started and could read my mind so easily throughout the interview that I was left with no free will but to do as She told me to. She will become your new addiction also while you’ll be for Her just a new victim written on Her handbook. Sit back and listen to what She has to say to the world.

Interview with Femme.S

DommeAddiction: How long have You been a Dominatrix, and what was it that brought You to this role?

Femme.S: All My life. Ever since I was a little girl. I was bossy, dominant, strange, sadistic. It got worse as I was getting older. And so hard to deny that aspect as I was growing up and becoming sexually active.

DommeAddiction: Would You say You are naturally dominant, or is it more of a role play when You are in session?

Femme.S: Natural Dominant. In all aspects of My life. I don’t understand how people can fake this. I would sense that a mile away. It’s something instinctual. You can’t hide it neither.

DommeAddiction: What skills do You think a successful Dominatrix such as Yourself needs to have?

Femme.S: Intelligence. Self control. Being knowledgeable. Knowing you sexuality well. Your limits and your desires. Empathy. YES. Exactly. A Sadist must be able to READ you. It can’t work otherwise. She’s just the one holding the key. Controlling that pain. And not feeling Hurt by it also just allowing you to Feel that at the intensity that you so secretly crave.

DommeAddiction: Can You explain what makes a man want to be a slave?

Femme.S: Males desire to be slaves because they crave intensity. The feeling of being burned. Overwhelmed. Being excited till the point of pain. The feeling of a woman using their masculine sexuality against them. The Desire of being conquered Of belonging to someone superior to them that can control them and their urges. Desire of feeling permanently in love and alive. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, they’d do anything for that.

female domme
female domme

DommeAddiction: What are Your favorite fetishes to explore with Your slaves?

Femme.S: Mindcontrol/ Emotional sadism. Mental dominance. Findom. Total power control. And from those on, the sky is the limit.

DommeAddiction: What do You think about Emotional Sadism?

Femme.S: I think Emotional Sadism is dangerous and delicious. I think it makes people vulnerable, exposed, pulsating. I think it’s better than sex. Because you forget to breathe, you can’t think of anything. You no longer belong to yourself, but to the person that’s watching you and playing with you like a puppet with strings. I think it’s natural, predator watching its victim yet waiting until the right moment comes. And they both want it to come faster.

DommeAddiction: Are there any negatives involved in being a Dominatrix?

Femme.S: I used to be worshipped/adored by women/males in My country that read Me, despite Me writing FEMDOM stories. It got Me famous. And that aspect disturbed Me. At that point in My life I couldn’t have a vanilla life anymore. I overcame that thing as aging and accepting that it’s what I am and that it’s normal for people to adore Me, by accepting who I truly am, I’ve accepted being a Dominatrix also and No, there are no longer any bad aspects about it.

DommeAddiction: How do You control the mind of Your slave?

Femme.S: Effortless. I can ”smell” them. I can sense them from afar. I know when they are thinking of Me or not. I can make them not sleep well at night. I know how their Fear smells like. We’re deeply connected mentally. I can see right through them and their perversion excites Me.

femme dommes
femme dommes

DommeAddiction: What is the cruelest thing You have ever done to a slave?

Femme.S: Letting him go despite knowing that he loved Me and that I was his life. This made him want to kill himself and he carved My name with a knife into his arm. He was rushed to the nearest hospital in time and saved. He is fine today. I was young, sadistic and aggressive. He was a pure masochist. It was bound to happen. I learned that day exactly how much Self control a Sadist must have and spent years fighting My own demons until I succeeded.

DommeAddiction: How do You know when You have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?

Femme.S: They become broken the moment they start talking to Me. It’s not coincidental. They bind themselves to Me also the moment they send that message. I know because I see right through them. I gain full control the moment they are ready for that, for Me. I am not easy to digest. I can do it by force also. But I enjoy it more when the victim willingly gives himself to Me. And waits. For everything I can provide.

DommeAddiction: Do any of Your slaves serve You as real-life slaves in everyday life?

Femme.S: All men that have met Me by accident/or by intention served Me in a way or another. I don’t attribute this just to Findom/ BDSM. Males naturally submit to Me and want to adore Me, become useful to Me or be near Me. They also turn fast into masochists. This makes them and their presence useful to Me. In which way I decide that I want. Yes, I also have slaves that do serve Me in the proper ”BDSM” sense. I prefer them to serve Me Financially/Mentally/or with whatever I may ask them to do for Me at that precise moment, instead of having them wandering around near Me and pissing Me off. I have a low patience for people in general. I get mad fast.
I need My space.

DommeAddiction: Have any of Your clients tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with You?

Femme.S: I became a Sadist by forcing in RT /live, Dominant/Aggressive/Switches/Sadistic Males into submission and making them love/hate every moment of it. To Me at That moment this was Dominance/Sadism. Proving that I can push every male into Submission. They tried to top Me. It only makes Me worse. The more they tried, the worse I became. My Sadism has no limits, especially if pushed. I don’t mind being pushed also but I don’t recommend it. I am not someone you would want in your head.

femme dommes
femme dommes

DommeAddiction: Are the people in Your personal life aware of Your work?

Femme.S: Yes, they are. Being a Lifestyle Dominant woman I have a dark domineering personality in vanilla also.
People can just sense this about Me and suspect that I am cruel or do this. Or something in BDSM all people that know Me closely, know exactly what I do.

DommeAddiction: Is there anything else you would like to tell Your admiring worshipers, and future slaves, reading this interview?

Femme.S: Being afraid of Me it’s only gonna make it worse for you. It’s better to worship Me, for real. I’m always laughing regardless. I can see you’re lurking.

DommeAddiction: Any Dommes in particular You’re interested in working with?

Femme.S: I enjoy seeing Dominant women doing their thing in general. I admire their craft and sadism. I think it’s HOT for a woman to be a Sadist. But NO I don’t really think I can work well with someone else. I have My own way of doing things that’s kinda strange and different.

DommeAddiction: Have You always been dominant in Your interactions with men?

Femme.S: Yes. It gets Me off. I love to be sadistic with males and tease and torment them. My sexuality is wired that way.

domme femme
domme femme

DommeAddiction: Is there one type of clip You enjoy making more than all others?

Femme.S: Leg /thighs fetish clips. I adore My legs and yet they are so sensible. My skin is so sensible also. I can feel so intensely every single touch. I have a stockings fetish also. And a sexy shoes/high heels one. I love to wear sexy stockings everyday and to look at My legs or to play with them and mindfuck all the males that are watching Me do so. I find My legs as being very erotic and beautiful.

DommeAddiction: Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do You prefer from Your slaves to show they appreciate You and are sincere in their desire to serve You?

Femme.S: Cash First and Sending GCs for Me to buy the Luxury Beautiful things that make My Life beautiful. But more important than everything. Buying My Clips at My iWantClips video store. Recording Myself and showing My real personality on Video was the hardest thing ever for Me to accomplish and to show authenticity while doing so. You’ll never really know Me if you won’t see them. Or Feel Me entirely. It’s not My loss, but it is yours.

DommeAddiction: Can You describe how it makes You feel to know You have absolute control?

Femme.S: Normal. Peaceful. I feel horny in the beginning. I enjoy the thrill of it. Like I am putting this leather soft glove on My fingers and then on My hand and it fits perfectly. It matches. The timing is perfect. Doesn’t it look beautiful in this light?

DommeAddiction: What do You think about being a Mental Sadist?

Femme.S: Like I am playing God. And I’ve payed My price for it as well. At the same time it feels like it’s right. Like it’s what I am and will forever be. There’s no escape out of this, if this is who you truly are. I’ve stopped wondering WHY a long time ago. It’s consuming, yet blissful, Ecstatic. It’s just Me playing My role in life.

domme femme
domme femme

DommeAddiction: How do You feel when a slave actually has a fear of You?

Femme.S: Like he’s starting to understand. How I am and what I can do. Not only to him, but to everybody. Like he entered in My world. With a small step yet willing. Like he’s throwing himself in My spider’s web. And I love it. Like he knows just what I am capable of and yet still craves that. It’s flattering and intense.

DommeAddiction: Can You tell me how my first session with You in person would look?

Femme.S: Dreaming much, boy?!

DommeAddiction: Have You been told You make men nervous often?

Femme.S: Yes. I get that all the time. Especially if I look at them, talk to them, breathe.

DommeAddiction: Is there a specific type of slave You find is drawn to you?

Femme.S: 2 types of males I get all the time . 1. Is the dominant/sadistic/alpha that doesn’t know what he wants yet craves destruction/abuse and it takes someone strong to break that shell. The second type is those rare submissives that SENSE Me immediately and submit with fear and devotion, feeling like they finally found the person they’ve been looking for all their pathetic life.

femme domme
femme domme

DommeAddiction: Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

Femme.S: All males can become submissives. All it takes is the right Woman to do so to them. Findom is not even such a hard line to cross. It’s actually nothing. I’ve made many dominant/sadistic men become masochistic slaves and finsubs. Asking Me What I could do to a Submissive male makes Me laugh. They’re already craving My dominance, you think them giving Me cash is a Huge thing for them? Think again.

DommeAddiction: What is the best way for slaves to show You they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

Femme.S: Absolute and Complete submission and masochism. Live for Me, breathe for Me, die for Me if I ask so. Be My willing and innocent victim. Moan at the very thought of it. Slaves can spoil Me through My Wishlist and iWantClips.

DommeAddiction: If we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?


Femme.S: You’d be on your knees, your palms also pressed against the floor. Head down. You’d been in that posture since we started this interview. And waiting for Me to tell you to look up. At the end, I’d tell you to lift your head and look at Me straight in the eyes. And you would and tell Me: I am ready for you Goddess.

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