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by Michael Smith
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empress mika

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Empress Mika says…now obey like a good boy!

Empress Mika

Enslaved By Siren Mika’s Song

slaveboysmith: Surrendering to the irresistible is a common theme in clips from a variety of Dommes. We men are like moths drawn to the flame and we can’t get enough it seems! What can you share about the inspiration for this clip, and do you have others that explore that same theme of predator/prey interactions as you lure men to their rightful place in servitude?

Empress Mika: The inspiration for this clip is the story of Odysseus and how overwhelmed and out of control with lust and desire he was by hearing the Siren’s song. Though the concept of the Domme taking on the role of a Siren is a common theme, and I couldn’t resist putting My own spin on this. What makes this clip unique for Me is that I am not just merely taking on the role of a Siren that naturally draws in Her submissives, but it is the fact that this is the only content in which I actually sing. So, I sing as a Siren in this very special clip. It is also available via audio format.

Cocknosis: Gay Betas Suck Multiple Cocks

sbs: What is it that pleases you about being able to push a man towards his repressed desires for cock and become a full blown gay man because of your training? Have you had a slave suck cock for you previously and if so, how did it feel to watch him surrender to both you, and his hidden desire?

EM: Being gay or bi is always an enjoyable fetish for Me to explore with My submissives and slaves. Depending on the submissive, I have had those that found out they really were gay and it was a powerful transformation after that realization. For others, it is another way for My submissives or slaves to prove how devoted they are to Me by indulging in a man’s cock. Either way, it very much pleases Me. This particular clip of Mine is not for beginners. It is a deep clip which explicitly describes and commands not just one cock but multiple cocks in which the submissive must serve.

Failure With Women: Negative Affirmation Rewire

sbs: I found this clip particularly intriguing as you essentially normalize the rejection many men have experienced and guide them to being purposeful as good submissives to the very same beautiful women they once thought they had a chance with. As a spectacularly beautiful woman, you’ve no doubt had your share of men craving your attention, most unworthy of even being in the same room as you. How did you typically handle unwanted attention, and has that influenced you as a Domme producing a clip like this one?

EM: For me, this clip is not so much about normalizing rejection as much as it is deeply penetrating the feeling a submissive feels when he is rejected. For most submissives, rejection by females is something they have experienced numerous times. This leads to questions, such as “Why do Women always reject me?” and/or “What is it about me that makes me so undesirable to Women?” This clip indulges deeply in these insecurities so that that submissive feels them at his core. More importantly, this clip then directs the submissive into how, exactly, they should live their life as a reject of Women. 🙂

Guiding Your Dreams Zzz

sbs: Even as we sleep you are deeply within our minds! There’s literally no escape. When did you begin to realize the power of your voice? Obviously you are beautiful and powerful, but your voice is extraordinary…a Domme super power if you will. How have you used it to deepen the addiction for your slaves?

EM: Indeed, this clip was requested endlessly and started off as an audio that I then created a visual for. As My slaves drift to sleep, this is the perfect accompaniment. It’s gentle, relaxing and best of all, puts My slaves right into their subspace for Me as they rest. This has helped many of My slaves have a restful sleep so that they are rejuvenated for Me the next day. Indeed, part of the allure is My voice as it represents Me and what I intend to convey.

Chastity Slave Mind Melt

sbs: In terms of the appeal, is it truly just about control that draws Dommes like yourself to chastity for their slaves, or is there something more? What is it that makes locking a man’s cock away so delightful for you as a Domme, and how do you use it to control those that you lock up?

EM: This clip has it all. It’s a very thorough set of instructions, special effects and mantras to enable any chastity slave to fully, deeply and completely indulge in chastity for Me. Chastity, for Me, is another way to exert My natural dominance and control over My submissives. After all, submissive males don’t deserve control over the fate of their cock ^_~

Empress Mika
empress mika joi
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