Domme Addiction Daily Fix: Friday March 3rd 2023

by Celebrity Slave
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Miss Alika White

Want the good news beta boy? Miss Alika White is gonna let you cum in this clip but… She don’t think an inferior male like you should be allowed to have an orgasm in a dignified way like a real man. That’s why Miss Alika White have come up with the ‘Betagasm’. It’s a type of orgasm suitable for inferior losers like you. She will talk you through it step by step. It’s no secret that She iw way too hot for you, and you don’t deserve the same privileges real men get. She will show you what you exactly what you deserve.

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miss alika white

Goddess Harley LaVey

Your ultimate dream video. Me laughing at you for being such a pathetic loser, and you jerking your disappointing dick to it. Only a real LOSER like you would get off to this clip. Nothing but pure, honest, brutal humiliation!

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Harley LaVey

Queen Carmella

I make you strip and pull your pants down but you’re acting all embarrassed. Now I NEED to see. Why so flustered? what do you have to hide….Oh WOW… I wish I had never seen such a disgusting sight. I’ve never seen something so repulsive. When was the last time someone even paid it any attention other than to laugh at it? never? well, makes sense. That little nub can’t even be considered a “dick” but, there’s fun to be had with men like you! you’re basically a walking joke for me! I am going to use you as my little toy for my amusement, and I suggest you are constantly pleasing Princess or else she’s going to expose you to all of her hot friends, and let everyone know the TRUTH under those “man” pants!

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Queen Carmella

Princess Mia

You have that look in your face that makes you an easy prey. I can sense how pathetic and weak you already are, you don’t stand a chance with this little outfit I have on. Everything on Me is an instant turn-on. Grab your cock, gooner bitch boy. Obey every word I say and show Me how much you love to edge that slutty cock and goon to bratty perfection. You simply can’t get hard without My demands and abus3. Empty that wallet and edge your cock until its raw and you can’t think straight. Get dumber with each pump and lose your brain cells, it’s addicting 😉

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Princess Mia

Princess Cherry

SOUND ON Ready to goon till it goes numb? Well wether you’re or not, get it out, get ready and get that cock throbbing. You’re going to cum for Me today. And you’re going to eat that cum too! Hahaha Because if you don’t… well you’ll have to do the ultimatum, a very nasty humiliation task LOL either way you’re going to be My dirty boy!

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Princess Cherry

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