Clip Review: You Have My Permission – Featuring Mistress Inked Emma

by Michael Smith
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“Embrace the weakness” says gorgeous Mistress Emma, and she knows exactly how men like you think.  Part Dominatrix, part counselor, she knows your need to submit to a powerful and beautiful woman, and she wants you to feel good about your submission.  A lot of men hide from their desires, looking at a woman as seductive and beautiful as Mistress Emma, dressed in her shiny red skirt and tight black crop top, they try to deny their overwhelming desire to hand over control.  But in buying this clip, you’ve already admitted your weakness, and Mistress Emma will use it to her full advantage.
By the time you finish watching her tease and tempt you, telling you how inferior you are, and how it’s okay to feel this way, there’s nothing you won’t do for Mistress Emma.  Surrender.  Give in.  Embrace female superiority.  It’s obvious from buying this clip that you are weak for dominant women, and need them to take control.  It’s okay…Mistress Emma knows exactly what to do with men like you.  Are you ready to admit what you truly desire and offer yourself to her?
What a devastatingly sexy outfit Mistress Emma wears in this clip, and her sensual teasing style is perfect! She knows she’s a Goddess, and that men drool over her wherever she goes.  She knows how to use her feminine power over men to make them helpless in her presence.  Trust me, while watching this clip, you’ll feel helpless, aroused and utterly intoxicated by her sensual beauty.  Enjoy!

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Clip Name: You Have My Permission
Models In The Clip: Mistress Inked Emma
Date Reviewed: November 29th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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