Clip Review: Slaver’s Bay III – Featuring AstroDomina

by Michael Smith
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Mistress Sydney has some final plans for her two captives in this last installment of her epic Slaver’s Bay series.  As the clip opens, we see the gorgeous Goddess standing over her two bound slaves, a male and female cowering in the closet, tied and gagged.  Looking stunning in her black corset, gloves and thigh high boots, Mistress Sydney turns her attention to her female slave first.  Ensuring she’s tightly tied up, the seductive Domme humiliates her female toy by calling her friend while holding her tightly, gagged, next to her.  From here, she further gags her with a pair of panties and places her into position.  She’s about to enjoy a very exciting display of female domination over a helpless male slave…up close and personal.
Astro1 Astro2
Guiding her male pet to a bench, he is bent over with his ass vulnerable and ready to be taken.  Slavegirl is seated with a perfect view of what he will endure as Mistress Sydney pulls on her strapon dildo harness.  She’s going to enjoy her last moments with her slutty pets before shipping them off to Slaver’s Bay.  These two should fetch a nice profit, but only after she breaks them both down, him by anal strapon slut training, and her by pure humiliation.  She can barely watch and his moans as Mistress Sydney pounds his ass mercilessly are priceless.  You’ll love watching this dominant Goddess completely in control of her two slaves, doing whatever she wishes, and with no thoughts of their feelings or limits.  They are toys to be played with.  Nothing more. 

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Clip Name: Slaver’s Bay III
Models In The Clip: AstroDomina
Date Reviewed: November 29th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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