Clip Review: Weak For My Cotton Panties – Featuring Princess Rene

by Michael Smith
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Weak For My White Cotton Panties

Brace yourselves, horny boys! The legendary Princess Rene is about to blow your fragile little minds. Looking incomprehensibly cute in a cream-colored top and a pair of tight, white cotton panties, this merciless blonde beauty manipulates her multitude of minions into masturbating for Her once again. Princess Rene really throws the dirty talk into high gear in “Weak For My White Cotton Panties”. She points out how the outline of Her Heavenly Goddess Pussy can be made out through her tight panties. She pulls them up tight into Her Unattainable Royal Pussy and the crack of Her Perfect Princess Ass before pulling them down and showing us That Bubbly Bare Booty! Princess Rene knows how hard She makes all the boys as She writhes around in her little white panties. She revels in her power, teasing and mocking her helpless addicts. “How badly do you want to sniff them? …Wrap them around your cock and jerk off with them?”, SHE asks. You know you so desperately want to, and Princess Rene knows it, too! “Are you going to blow a big, fat load looking at My Little Pussy through these panties?” Yes, Princess!
No man could possibly resist! How can such a sweet, innocent looking, fresh-faced Princess be such a wicked temptress?! This clip is so incredibly arousing, it should come with a Surgeon General’s warning: This clip is highly addictive and may cause dizziness, premature ejaculation, speaking in tongues, testicular exhaustion, and an interminable infatuation with its subject. 

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Clip Name: Weak For My White Cotton Panties
Models In The Clip: Princess Rene
Date Reviewed: October 9th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb or Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $7.99 or $8.99

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