Clip Review: Ready For a Whipping – Featuring Empress Jennifer

by Michael Smith
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What begins as a sensual and erotic privileged worshiping of beautiful Empress Jennifer’s feet will end with more suffering than you thought you could endure.  Of course, privilege must be earned, and if you wish to worship such perfect beauty, you must be willing to accept any punishment or training she decides upon.  Your love and devotion to Empress Jennifer is without limit, and you trust her implicitly.  Your surrender to her is absolute.  You are her property to do with as she sees fit. 
Can you feel your heart racing as Empress binds your wrists above your head, leaving you exposed and vulnerable? As you hear the click of her heels as she walks slowly, almost predator-like around you, does the anticipation make you tremble? You can’t see her, but you feel her presence, smell her perfumed scent and then without warning you feel the sting of her whip.  Slowly at first, testing your resolve, seeking out your weak points, Empress begins to whip you harder and faster.  The pain is agonizing and you being to wonder if you can withstand it.  But deep down you know that the suffering you endure from her whip pales in comparison to the thought of disappointing this beautiful Domme.  Will you take more for her? Always and forever.  Beg her for more.  Humiliate and degrade yourself while she punishes you.  You deserve it.  You crave it.  Being punished by Empress Jennifer is what you need.  Suffer for her beauty…she deserves nothing less.

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Clip Name: Ready For a Whipping
Models In The Clip: Empress Jennifer
Date Reviewed: October 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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