Clip Review: Time For Practice – Featuring Goddess Kira Star

by Michael Smith
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She sits before you, resplendent in black leather, as you take your place on your knees before the perfect redheaded Goddess Kira Star.  You’ve wanted Goddess Kira since the first time you laid eyes upon her.  Her gorgeous long red hair, sensual pink lips and perfect curves have driven you mad with lust! She knows you want to fuck her.  She knows you dream of touching her perfect smooth skin.  But tonight, she has something entirely different in mind for you.  Between her legs is a nice thick strapon cock for you to show your devotion to her with.  Bow down at her feet and show Goddess Kira how devoted you are to your slave task and suck that strapon cock like a little bitch for her!
Watch as Goddess Kira strokes and caresses that strapon with her perfect long pink nails and imagine the feeling on your own throbbing cock…the one that will never be worthy of a touch from a woman so perfect as Goddess Kira Star.  Your desire to please her has you kneeling and sucking a big fat cock, practice for the next time when Goddess Kira will have you doing it for real.  She plans to whore your mouth out to every Alpha cock she wishes, and perhaps as a reward for a few of her best slaves as well.  You’re mouth is about to become a cock repository for anyone Goddess Kira commands you to suck off.  I hope you like the taste of cum, slaveboy, but if you don’t at first, you’ll soon learn to love it with practice 🙂

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Clip Name: Time For Practice
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kira Star
Date Reviewed: January 17th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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