Clip Review: Teaching Mr. Puckerman To Worship Shoes – Featuring Miss Cali Carter

by Michael Smith
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Gorgeous schoolgirl Cali Carter isn’t enjoying doing her Math homework, even with the help of her teacher, Mr. Puckerman.  Knowing how hot she is and how easily she can manipulate older men, Cali tells her teacher that she’d like him to work out a few of the questions for her as she sits on the couch above him.  Stretching her long legs out, she crosses her ankles right beside Mr. Puckerman.  Her sexy heels and white knee-high stockings are more than her teacher can resist.  His eyes roam all over her sexy shoes and eventually Cali notices the effect she’s having on him.  She continues teasing him with her legs and heels coaxing him into finishing all of her homework.  He’s powerless to resist this young Temptress and she knows it. 
Once Mr. Puckerman has finished doing all Cali’s homework, she decides to reward him, and push him a little further under her spell, by asking him to lick her shoes clean.  Even at her young age, Cali recognizes a foot fetish addict like Mr. Puckerman.  Licking her shoes, sucking the heels and completely under her spell, the teacher becomes the student, and Cali Carter is in total control!

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Clip Name: Teaching Mr. Puckerman To Worship Shoes
Models In The Clip: Miss Cali Carter
Date Reviewed: January 12th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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