Clip Review: Tease & Die – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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You’ve seen Goddess Jessica at her seductive best and she’s irresistible.  But for those looking for the tempting and sensual side of Goddess Jessica, you will be seriously stunned by this clip.  She is a relentless verbal Humiliatrix who tells you exactly what she thinks of you.  You are nothing more than a worthless loser and deserve to be abused, degraded and terminated.  Over time, she’s conditioned you to recognize, and embrace, your standing in life as a lowly piece of shit, and you’ve come to her for one final session and to beg her to take your life. 
Jess1 Jess2
Dressed in a leather corset and boots, a skintight dress, stockings and gloves, Goddess Jessica is the perfect femme fatale.  She’s lured you into her spell and created a desire for abuse in you that fulfills some dark need you never knew you had.  It excites you to have a woman as beautiful as Goddess Jessica abusing you.  Every time she insults you, tells you what a fucking loser you are, and humiliates you, it arouses you more and more.  One final orgasm on your knees at the feet of your humiliating Goddess, and then you’re life will be fulfilled.  Are you prepared for your final orgasm? It’s almost over, and you couldn’t have trusted your life to anyone better than the Divine Goddess Jessica.  She is perfection.  She is what you need, what you crave, and what will be the end of you. 

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Clip Name: Tease & Die
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: January 24th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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