Clip Review – Spider Web Gates of Hell – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

by Michael Smith
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“Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly”
The moment she walks into view, Mistress Mandy Flores is a vision of erotic domination! Dressed in black and red, her stiletto heels clicking on the dungeon floor, she approaches her slave, the infamous and pathetic slave X, and begins to tease him.  He is bound to the Spider Web, hands and feet spread wide.  He is encased head to toe in his black bodysuit that has become his uniform in the presence of Mistress Mandy, with only his cock and balls exposed.  Collared and ballgagged, slave X is wearing one final item of importance, a devastating chastity device known as the Gates of Hell.  Concentric rings encase his cock and at the sight of the beautiful and seductive Mistress Mandy, his cock begins to immediately swell, straining against it’s restraints.  Once again, Mistress Mandy alternates between arousing her slave and punishing him.  Her teasing words make the cock enclosure pure agony for her slave, and Mistress enjoys the effect she can have without even touching him. 
Mandy1 Mandy2
Of course Mistress Mandy also enjoys making her slave suffer in a more direct way as she uses her flogger to whip his cock and balls mercilessly.  Through the ball gag, you can hear his agony, muffled as it might be.  His body twitches with every blow landed on his exposed cock and balls.  Ever the tease, Mistress Mandy blows on his tender balls and even spits on them…of course only to increase the sting of her flogger! The clip is 9 minutes long, but one can only guess at how long slave X endured the grueling torment, and how much his cock and balls suffered. 
This amazing series of clips just gets hotter and hotter with every release! Mistress Mandy is a force of nature and in each scene reviewed, she is in total command.  slave X suffers and endures endless punishment at her hands, but is granted occasional erotic pleasure and teasing at the same time.  Mistress Mandy is masterful at toying with her slave’s emotions and breaking him down with the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain…though pain certainly seems to be the flavour of the day in this incredible clip! Enjoy watching her at work and ask yourself how much you could take.  How much pain would you take to please Mistress Mandy? Of course, once she has you restrained in her Spider Web, what choice would you have?

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Clip Name: Spider Web Gates of Hell
Models In The Clip: Mistress Mandy Flores
Date Reviewed: November 23rd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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