Clip Review: Gloryhole Surprise – Featuring Goddess Amanda

by Michael Smith
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Oh the things a beautiful woman can make a man do! You’re a very lucky man to be dating a blonde Goddess like your girlfriend Amanda, and you know she could have any man she wanted, so you need to do whatever she wants to keep her happy, right? In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, sexy Amanda likes to keep things interesting and to push your limits.  Tonight she has something special planned for you and is taking you to a club unlike any you’ve been to before.  Look around, she says.  I wonder why there aren’t many women in this club? She smiles and giggles knowingly as she leads you to where she really wants you to be…the bathroom which just happens to have a gloryhole in every stall!
You see, it excites sexy Goddess Amanda to watch one man suck another man’s cock.  You don’t mind do you? Get down on your knees as that thick cock slips through the gloryhole and do what comes naturally…suck on it.  Can you see how much Goddess Amanda enjoys you on your knees sucking dick for her amusement? Can you see how much she wants you to do this again and again? And when you’re finished swallowing the load of the guy on the other side of that wall, Goddess Amanda has a wicked idea.  Why don’t the two of you pick up a man and bring him home with you? You want that too, right? I mean, if you want to keep a beautiful girl like Goddess Amanda you’d better be willing to do everything she says!

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Clip Name: Gloryhole Surprise
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amanda
Date Reviewed: November 26th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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