Clip Review: Smothered, Spanked and Whipped Bitch – Featuring Goddess Foxx

by Michael Smith
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Slave-boy Russell was lucky enough to take his Supreme Ebony Goddess, Miss Foxx on an all-expenses paid holiday to Paris. Little did he know that he was going to end up as Her Smothered, Spanked, and Whipped bitch.


Russell is lying blindfolded and helpless on the bed of Miss Foxx’s luxury suite. Clad in a sexy Black PVC mini-dress, black leather gloves and Dominatrix boots, Miss Foxx walks into picture brandishing a dangerous looking, three-stripped leather strapper. She begins by sensuously running the weapon up and down Her bitch’s quivering body and then begins to deliver a beating to his thighs and balls.

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With Her leather gloved hand covering his mouth, The Goddess, mounts the bitch and delivers some nipple torture while he inhales the overwhelming aroma of the leather gloves, as She carefully gives Her sub a smothering. It is apparent that Miss Foxx is enjoying herself, as She continues the torment slowly and sensuously.

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Next, Miss Foxx bends the bitch over, pulls down his PVC shorts and gets down to beating the pathetic bitch’s bottom. As She increases the intensity, we see Her sub squirm in agony as his pasty white bottom begins to redden under Her relentless onslaught.

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Pathetic Russell is wearing a lacy white thong and Goddess completes this episode of his punishment by lifting the bitch clean off his knees with a humiliating trademark wedgie.


Then comes the coup de grace. Miss Foxx reaches for Her riding crop. It’s time to deliver the final blows and this bitch is going to feel them. Goddess Miss Foxx mercilessly rains down an avalanche of vicious licks, with Her riding crop, onto his increasingly damaged ass, until finally She senses that the bitch can take no more.

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She delivers another humiliating wedgie, sensitively rubs Her bitches damaged bottom and walks contemptuously out of shot. She leaves Her quivering bitch to nurse his wounded bottom and pride.


In this clip, Miss Foxx gives an informative demonstration on how to truly dominate a sub with Her haughty demeanor and with some instruments of correction. It’s slow, sensuous, and you know the bitch will soon be begging for more. Highly recommended!

Clip Name: Smothered, Spanked and Whipped Bitch
Models In The Clip: Goddess Foxx
Date Reviewed: August 13th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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