Clip Review: Ruined – Featuring Goddess Electra Morgan

by Michael Smith
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When I was told by those that run that I was going to absolutely LOVE Goddess Electra when her clips came out, I anticipated enjoying her debut. What I saw with my first clip purchase blew me away! The instant she appears on screen, those spectacular huge breasts spilling out over her shiny black corset, I was hooked! It’s easy to see how a man could fall under Goddess Electra’s spell and lose control.  Spending more than he ever planned, surrendering personal information he never would have dreamed of giving to this alluring stranger, and generally putting his life in her hands financially.
Watch as Goddess Electra teasingly and seductively traces her hands along her body, teasing you with her perfect breasts as her corset struggles to hold them in, and fall deeply into her web of seductive control.  She’s beautiful and dangerous.  She’s utterly irresistible and you’re about to be completely ruined by this perfect Goddess.  You know it’s happening but are powerless to stop it.  Little by little, this gorgeous Temptress is taking you apart and breaking your will to resist.  A little more each time, you give up control and Goddess Electra wraps you tighter and tighter around her little finger.  Give her everything she demands or be ruined completely.  That’s the situation you find yourself in now, and Goddess Electra owns you!

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Clip Name: Ruined
Models In The Clip: Goddess Electra Morgan
Date Reviewed: October 19th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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