Clip Review: Pain Train Part 2 – Featuring Empress Jennifer

by Michael Smith
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Anyone privileged enough to have served a Dominatrix in session has likely experienced the rush of pushing yourself beyond your perceived boundaries to please and satisfy the desires of your Goddess.  Perhaps it takes the form of doing something you never imagined like sucking another man’s cock on command.  Maybe it’s taking one size larger on the strapon than you ever thought you could handle, or perhaps it’s taking more pain because you know it gives your Mistress pleasure to see you suffer. 
Few things are more erotic for a Femdom fetish lover than watching a beautiful woman push a man to his breaking point.  How far can she take you? Will you withstand her beating to earn her respect and to please her, or will you collapse in tears of shame and pain, a broken little slut? Watching this clip, I experienced the most visceral reminiscence of my experience with live sessions, as her slave visibly struggles with his ability to continue to do as he’s been told while being mercilessly cropped by Empress Jennifer. 
It’s easy to see why any man would want to please Empress by taking more for her.  She is stunningly beautiful, and in her drill sergeant uniform and sexy leather thigh high boots, Empress is as beautiful as she is cruel.  Her riding crop in hand, she both arouses and terrifies her slave as she viciously teases and torments him as he’s made to perform push ups while suffering abuse from her crop.  You can see his struggle as she humiliates him by tauntingly asking if he’s done.  Over and over again…”are you done?” Yet he fights through to try to do more for his perfect Empress and suffers for her amusement and pleasure.  His training as her bitch is very effective.  He’s learning very early on that to suffer is to please Empress Jennifer, and that if you can’t take what she has to give, you’re of no value to her.  How long do you think you would last? How much could you take as the perfect Goddess stands over you raining down blows from her riding crop that sting you to your core? When she asks “are you done?” mockingly, will you collapse and admit weakness or beg her to continue because you want to show her you’re a good soldier and can be a part of her slave army?
This clip is amazing to watch.  Each time I view it, I notice little things I had missed previously.  The reaction of her slave to the threat of the crop.  The way he cowers from her but at the same time needs her to be close.  His trembling as his arms tire and his will fades away, and his rallying to try to give her more of himself.  Watch a truly gifted slave breaker in action as Empress Jennifer relentlessly puts her slave through an experience he will never forget!


Clip Name: Pain Train Part 2
Models In The Clip: Empress Jennifer
Date Reviewed: October 15th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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