Clip Review: Purple Persuasion – Featuring Ceara Lynch

by Michael Smith
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At some point of your desperate descent, every financially addicted slave has resolved to “just say no” and walk away from the woman he has fallen under the spell of.  Like most others, Mark has tried to walk away and declare his freedom from the clutches of the seductive Ceara Lynch.  The only problem is that when a slave tries to crawl away, a woman as beautiful and manipulative as Ceara takes it as a challenge and ensures that she wraps said slave even tighter in her web of seduction.  You want your freedom Mark? Is that what you really want? All you have to do is resist.
Resist Ceara’s stunning beauty as she stands before you with her cleavage on display.  You noticed that right away didn’t you Mark? And those lips…the lips that first drew you into her web…they’re painted even darker and look even shinier and more irresistible than ever, don’t they? You’ve never been able to resist those perfect pouty lips and the way Ceara licks them seductively, have you? She knows exactly what to do to make you weak and she’s merciless in this clip.  For others watching this, you may consider this fair warning from Ceara Lynch…try to leave and she’ll tighten her grip.  You didn’t really want your freedom, you just needed an overwhelming reminder of why you are on your knees in an almost mesmerized state as you commit yourself even more deeply to serving as Ceara’s devoted pet. 
With her sensual, irresistible style, Ceara Lynch is a woman no slave will escape.  Resisting her is pointless.  Give in to your urges and give her total control.  This clip is a clinic on why Ceara is one of the hottest Dommes you’ll ever meet. 

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Clip Name: Purple Persuasion
Models In The Clip: Ceara Lynch
Date Reviewed: August 25th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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