Friday August 28th 2015

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Bratty Bunny

Bratty Bunny is doing what She does best in this clip. Playing at the pool while you work. She relaxes most days at the pool, looking super hot and desirable so She thought She should bank on the idea even more.

She made this nice mesmerizing clip for Her losers to relax to, just as She does. She put some nice relaxing music to it, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy Swimming Her new clip on iWantClips.

Mistress Mya Kulpa

Goddess Mya Kulpa released a new mind bending clip on Clips4Sale for Her addicts today. Sit back and get entranced by this divine Goddess. Let your mind melt away as She digs Her claws in deep, molding your brain into a new shape. A shape that She finds more appealing, more malleable.
Goddess Worship Trance is a must buy!

Lara Kane

Lara Kane has a cruel secret She’s been keeping from you and now She’s just glowing with excitement to share this news with you in Her new clip your Not the Father on iWantClips. Did you think you could actually keep Her happy? you knew She was going to find other ways…

Sasha Mizaree 

Goddess Sasha posted this cruel new clip to Her Kinkbomb store today. In Repeat After Me, No Matter What She uses Her masked slave as a dummy to show you what She wants you to do to yourself for Her. you will not be able to resist Her commands as She uses Her pink latex gloves to beat oh Her slaves cock.

Trixie Miss

Do you like round bubble butts in your face? Do you dream about kissing them, smelling them or worshiping them? Trixie knows you do and She’s going to exploit your weakness and have some fun with you. She wants you to torture yourself a bit before you lay your lips on Her ass. Don’t worry, Trixie knows what She’s doing in Ballbusting Ass Worship Her new clip on Kinkbomb.

Princess Mindy

Princess Mindy is going to use Her natural God given curves to make you weak and stupid for Her in Her new clip Worship My Feminine Curves on Clips4Sale. She knows just Her natural womanly physique makes you weak and stupid. It’s so easy for Her to take your money. you are so easy. And She takes complete advantage of your easiness.

Goddess Lindsey

Goddess Lindsey is demanding all A’s for the rest of the semester. She knows you have been perving over HerShe’s see’s your little hard-on through your pants. And if you don’t comply, She’s going to tell the school board on you. There’s no denying Her luscious ass in Her new clip on iWantClips Bitchy School Girl

Vikki Lynn

Goddess Vikki Lynn melted Her losers wallets again with Her new financial domination clip on Clips4Sale. In Financial Domination – Weekly Wallet Submission She teases you with her perfections until you are weak and easy for Her. Then it’s time for your weekly duties, your true submission, it’s time to tribute.

Goddess Christina

Goddess Christina has been in control of every single orgasm you have had since that fateful moment you laid your eyes on Her. She knows you can’t even cum with out Her now. Don’t worry, She is here yet again to help you along to the perfect orgasm in Cum on My Command Her new clip on iWantClips

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