Clip Review: Manipulated Into Marriage – Featuring Goddess Lindsey Leigh

by Michael Smith
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You’ve been on the fence for some time now and with your impending wedding approaching like a freight train, the pressure is getting to you.  Do you really want to marry her? I mean, she’s not at all the hot girl you’d hoped you’d end up with, and your doubts leave you completely vulnerable when the gorgeous Goddess Lindsey Leigh enters the picture.  She knows you’ve always wanted her and she preys upon your weakness and vulnerability.  Teasing you mercilessly in her seductive lingerie, she uses her stunning beauty to push you beyond doubt into making a decision that will ruin you before you even realize it.


It’s such an easy solution she comes up with, isn’t it? Instead of marrying someone you aren’t sure about, why not marry the stunning Goddess standing before you, making you throb so hard you can’t think about anything but how perfect she is? And when she suggests that to protect everything you own from your fiance and her family coming after you when you tell them that you’re actually married to a much hotter woman, she generously offers to have you sign everything over to her for safe keeping.  Poor boy…you never saw it coming, did you? Goddess Lindsey took full advantage of your desire for her, your desire to not get married to someone like your fiance, and tempted you into ruin.  And do you know what? You’re not the first man she’s been able to do this to either lol

What a diabolical and wicked clip Goddess Lindsey has created here.  She looks breathtaking in her sexy red lingerie with her body never looking better in my humble opinion! Stealing you away from your fiance, ruining her wedding day and then destroying you financially…all in a day’s work for the perfect predatory temptress, Goddess Lindsey Leigh!

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Clip Name: Manipulated Into Marriage
Models In The Clip: Goddess Lindsey Leigh
Date Reviewed: June 1st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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