Clip Review: Kiss It Before You Jerk To It – Featuring Princess Ashley

by Michael Smith
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A woman as beautiful and perfect as Princess Ashley know very well the effect they have on men.  Daily, she sees men staring at her, going out of their way to try to make an impression on her, or simply drooling at her perfection.  Her ass has made men tremble constantly as she shows it off in a sexy bikini, tight yoga pants, or a dress that hugs her every perfect curve.  She’s simply stunning and you’ve ached for that gorgeous ass of hers since you first saw it, haven’t you loser? How hard would you beg for just a single kiss of that perfect, round, bubble butt of Princess Ashley’s?
In a stunning shiny bikini for this clip, Princess Ashley’s ass has never looked more irresistible or kissable.  Get down on your knees and do exactly as you’re told.  This is a privilege like no other as Princess allows you to kiss her ass over and over again as you beg to stroke for her.  How pathetic are you? Grovelling in front of your computer, furiously pumping your dick, while dreaming of kissing the most exquisitely sexy ass you’ll never touch? What a little ass addicted slut you’ve become for your Princess! LOL

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Clip Name: Kiss It Before You Jerk To It
Models In The Clip: Princess Ashley
Date Reviewed: August 23rd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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