Clip Review: Desperate Boot Bitch – Featuring Lady Nina Leigh

by Michael Smith
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One glimpse of the perfectly gorgeous Lady Nina Leigh in her thigh high PVC black boots and you’ll be falling to your knees and aching to worship them! The effect of the shiny PVC, the high heels and the way they frame Lady Nina’s spectacular legs is devastating.  No man can resist and as you kneel before her, she reminds you of your place in her world.  You belong at her feet licking the filth from her perfect sexy boots!


As the gif preview and screenshots clearly show, Lady Nina looks incredibly hot in this clip! She is glamorous, seductive, cruel and dominant in a perfect equal mix.  You will be humiliated for your weakness and exploited for her pleasure.  Her seductive British accent will make you throb as she taunts you for how pathetically easy it is to control you using your lust for her sexy boots.  Are you ready to admit how badly you wish to be Lady Nina’s little boot bitch? Kneel, beg and worship.  Lady Nina already knows how easy it is to control men like you!

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Clip Name: Desperate Boot Bitch
Models In The Clip: Lady Nina Leigh
Date Reviewed: June 18th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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