Clip Review: Demanding Spoiled Brat – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

by Michael Smith
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IT’S NEVER ENOUGH.  The words have become the mantra of any admirer/slave of the drop-dead gorgeous Goddess Bratty Bunny.  She is the ultimate woman, and as such, she should never want for anything.  The consummate Brat deserves everything she desires and our job, our role in her world, is to provide her with whatever she wants.  Simply put, that’s how it works!


You know you cannot resist those perfect long, dancer legs of hers.  Her exquisitely beautiful ass makes you ache like nothing else on earth, and when she smiles that Bratty smile of hers, nothing is beyond her reach.  Surrender to her demands, give her everything she wants and enjoy being the loyal and obedient servant to a truly perfect Bratty Goddess.  The rules are quite clear…Goddess gets what Goddess wants. 

Another remarkable clip from a woman who knows exactly how to use her physical perfection and dominant, superior mind to wrap men around her perfect little finger.  Add this clip to your growing Goddess Bratty Bunny collection and be sure to thank her for allowing you to exist in a world she dominates so completely.  Be sure to please her at all times.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint your beautiful Brat Goddess now would you?

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Clip Name: Demanding Spoiled Brat
Models In The Clip: Goddess Bratty Bunny
Date Reviewed: June 30th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.00

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