Clip Review: Deadly Ass Worship – Featuring Goddess Sasha Conceited

by Michael Smith
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Deadly Ass Worship - WMV

There’s very few things in this world that can make a man weaker than the sight of a beautiful, fit Goddess in shiny wet-look leggings.  The way the fabric hugs her every curve, the reflection of light off the skintight fabric, and the overall effect is devastating.  In this incredibly erotic clip that has my head spinning, Goddess Sasha looks stunningly beautiful in her wet-look and she knows it.  Teasing you with her spectacular ass as she sways it back and forth, Goddess knows the way her ass captivates your attention.  She knows how weak it makes you.  And she knows you’re highly unlikely to survive the seductive assault she’s about to inflict upon you.


Try to hold yourself together as you watch spellbound as Goddess rubs her hands all over her gorgeous ass…running her fingers across the shiny leggings and emphasizing her every perfect curve.  That shortness of breath you’re experiencing is exactly as Goddess expected.  She looks over her shoulder and can see in your eyes the struggle you’re experiencing.  Sensing your vulnerability, She reaches down and peels down the waistband of her leggings revealing her smooth, tight ass.  She laughs at your audible gasp as you feel yourself slipping into a hole you’ll never recover from.  Yes, Goddess Sasha’s ass is that spectacular! Watch this incredible clip and it will consume your every thought.  This is one of the hottest ass worship clips I’ve ever seen.  Goddess Sasha is so beautiful and so perfect.  She’s the ultimate Temptress and her understanding of exactly how to weaken you by using your fetish against you is amazing! For any ass worship slave out there, this clip is a must buy to add to your library.  I challenge you to watch the entire clip while stroking, and when Goddess Sasha peels down her pants, try desperately not to cum.  If you can hold back, you’re a stronger man than I am!

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Clip Name: Deadly Ass Worship
Models In The Clip: Goddess Sasha Conceited
Date Reviewed: May 24th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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