Sunday May 24th 2015

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Lady Olivia Fyre


Lady Olivia Fyre posted this seductive clip today on iWantClips Daydreaming About Teacher

In light of Twitters recent link issues She made a coupon for 10% off Her iWantClips store through Monday! So hurry and stock up on Her clips!

Use coupon code #ThanksALotTwitter


Heres are a few taunting images from Her store to tempt you even more into spending for this Goddess.


Coupon code #ThanksALotTwitter

Goddess Amiee


Goddess Amiee was busy organizing Her garage today but took a min to update Her iWantClips store with this new slave torture clip.

Her slave johnny is Bound and Played With in Her new clip. he can’t do anything about the grasp She has on him, he just has to be at Her mercy.


Jasmine Mendez

Miss GREEDY preview

Jamsine Mendez posted this hot new clip in Her Clips4Sale store. Miss Greedy! is the perfect title for Her clip because is She is so greedy!

Princess Lacey


How Much you Pay is Based on your Dick Size is Princess Lacey’s new clip on iWantClips. The concept sounds simple enough, but I am sure with this deviant Princess it’s never really that simple.


Mistress Mya Kulpa


Mistress Mya Kulpa posted this blackmail clip in Her Clips4Sale store today.

BlackMail Fantasy PaMark is a seductive take on the blackmail fantasy. Against Her powerful mind and perfect body, you don’t stand a chance. Give in and submit to Her.




Mistress Victoria Reign


Hotter Than your Frumpy Wife is Mistress Victoria Reign’s new clip. She is wearing a long blonde wig to change up Her look and keep Her losers on edge.


She posted the new clip to Her iWantClips store where all Her clips are cheaper!

She has had Her best month yet in clips sales in May so go binge on Her clips and double that number for Her and make Her extra happy!


Lady Nina Leigh


The ferociously gorgeous Lady Nina Leigh updated Her iWantClips store with Her new clip Cummy Condom CEI. I bet any loser would do anything this bombshell tells them to, no matter what the task is! One look at Her perfect curves and men get weak and willing.


Ceara Lynch


Ceara Lynch has a new clip out to taunt Her fans with. In My Girlfriend is a Dominatrix Ceara plays a seemingly innocent new girlfriend, but then one day She lets him in on Her secret.


Check out Her Twitter page to see what She is auctioning off now! Chewed gum and a thong at least. Separately of course.


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