Clip Review: Boarding School Brat – Featuring Goddess Amanda

by Michael Smith
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Long blonde hair, flawless curves and legs that could make any man fall to his knees.  That will be your undoing as the gorgeous Goddess Amanda, dressed as a sexy schoolgirl informs you that her costs for school are on the rise, and that your wallet is about to become even lighter than before.  Don’t even think about saying no to this perfect Goddess.  She can see by the way your eyes travel up and down her perfect young body, that resisting her is something you can’t even contemplate. 


So to all you drooling losers out there who will buy this clip simply because Goddess Amanda looks sexy as hell in kneehigh stockings and heels, with her short little schoolgirl skirt and blouse undone just enough to entice, have your wallets ready to tribute.  Goddess deserves the finest things in life while at boarding school and you’ll give them to her without hesitation, won’t you? Be a good little loser and sponsor your bratty blonde Temptress as she goes to school.  You know that’s the only way a HOT schoolgirl like her would ever pay you even the slightest bit of attention, right?

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Clip Name: Boarding School Brat
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amanda
Date Reviewed: August 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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