Monday August 10th 2015

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Kendra Kennedy


Sports Bra Fun is Kendra Kennedy’s new clip on iWantClips. She knows Her huge tits make you weak and stupid, so what does She do about it?? She takes advantage of you of course! Making you weaker and weaker each second that goes by. you will be begging to spend for Her.


She ended Her day with a luxurious Princess style bath


Astro Domina

Human Punching Bag GIF

Goddess Sydney was feeling feisty today as She posted this clip to Her Clips4Sale store Human Punching Bag.  She has Her helpless slave tied to the ceiling as She wails on him, laying punch after punch hard on his scrawny white body.


She branded Her slave with the letter A for life



Princess Rene


Princess Rene has a point to make and She gets right to it in Her new clip on Kinkbomb men Are Stupid. She rants about how dumb and annoying men are to Her. It is stating the obvious but She loves to grind it into your brain on a reg basis. Its good for you




Goddess Amiee


you are in for a real treat today. Goddess Amiee got Her Sister to make a blackmail/exposure clip for you. She told Her Sister all your juicy secrets and now She knows what a freak you are! Buy Amiee’s new clip Sister’s Share on iWantClips.



Mistress Mya Kulpa


Goddess Mya Kulpa released another mind bending clip today on Clips4Sale. In Tease and Denial: you Want Me She looks incredible as She flaunts Her perfect Goddess body in front of you completely denying you the entire time. She’s so cruel but so hot you will do whatever to please Her.


Look for new clips of Hers to be released soon!

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