Clip Review: Bitchy Ass Tease – Featuring Goddess Violet Doll

by Michael Smith
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Her look is devastating! Goddess Violet Doll and her perfect curves wrapped tightly in shiny black leggings and a jaw-dropping shirt that leaves you no choice but to drool over her stunning cleavage.  She is the woman you have always dreamed of and feared.  She’s the ultimate bad girl you couldn’t resist no matter the consequences, and in this clip she uses your uncontrolled lust for her spectacular ass to completely degrade and humiliate you!
VioletDoll1 VioletDoll2
Whether Goddess is bending down to draw your attention to her perfect breasts, or bending over to leave you throbbing with her exceptional ass, the effect is the same…total weakness! You’ll spend a fortune, and a lifetime, stroking to that unattainably beautiful ass of Goddess Violet’s.  She is the puppetmaster and you will be on the end of her leash forever.  Nothing will allow you to resist her.  You’ll pay to stroke.  Pay to worship, and pay to drool.  A woman as gorgeous as Goddess Violet, with as manipulative and creative mind as she has, cannot be resisted.  Did you really think you’d stand a chance?

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Clip Name: Bitchy Ass Tease
Models In The Clip: Goddess Violet Doll
Date Reviewed: August 17th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $17.99

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