Clip Review: All About The Money – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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If it weren’t for the fact that she sizzles in any outfit she wears, I would seriously consider a campaign recommending that gorgeous Bratty Princess Nikki only ever wear bikinis and heels! Seriously, she is that incredibly hot, and I can only imagine how many bikinis she owns, but anything she puts on those spectacular curves is drool-inducing for any of us weak men who adore her as we do.  Not surprisingly, Princess is well aware of the impact her bikini-clad perfection has on every man she meets, and she exploits our weakness to it’s fullest.  Watch her strut and tease in this sexy metallic bikini and those incredible stiletto shoes and you’ll feel yourself throbbing for release in an instant.  Princess knows how to get you ready and that bulge gives her everything she could ever want.
Wait, you thought she was interested in THAT bulge? The one that’s hardly noticeable at the front of your pants? Nice dream, slaveboy, but this exquisite beauty wants a much larger bulge…the kind that a deep wallet makes.  That’s right slave, it’s all about spoiling and spending with this addictive, expensive and erotic Temptress.  She’ll make your cock bulge, no doubt, but what happens after that is you drooling your $$$$ uncontrollably just like she wants you to.  Don’t resist.  Don’t even try.  Spend everything to please the most amazing bikini-clad Princess you could ever dream of seeing.  She is perfection. She is temptation incarnate, and in her bikini collection, no man stands a chance of resisting sexy Princess Nikki. 
You would think at some point that I would reach a point of saturation where the sight of Princess Nikki in a new bikini wouldn’t have the type of effect it did at first, right? And you couldn’t be more wrong! Every different style, colour and type of bikini she wears shows off that stunning body just a little differently and causes me to obsess about buying the clip.  Honestly, if you haven’t sampled Princess Nikki’s bikini clips, you could spend a lifetime worshiping her and serving from your knees watching only them.  They are that hot, that amazing and that addictive. Trust me, I know!

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Clip Name: All About The Money
Models In The Clip: Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: February 9th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $17.99
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