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slaveboysmith: Today I have the amazing privilege of being in the presence of a woman so beautiful it makes me nervous! Our feature Domme is the stunning Goddess Venus.  Thank you so much for joining us at DommeAddiction today Goddess.

Goddess Venus: 🙂 You’re welcome! I’m happy to chat with you.

sbs: Thank you so much Goddess…it’s truly a pleasure to be in your presence.  I usually begin by asking how a Domme got to where she is today.  Each has a different story to tell about how they became a highly sought after Femdom Goddess.  Would you mind sharing your pathway with our readers?

GV: Well I’ve always been very dominant even as a young child. I told one of my old lovers recently what I do and he stated that I’ve always been a domme. That it wasn’t anything new. Lol. But I started doing professional domination around March or April, and I’m having the best time with it! I started out doing sessions on Kik, Twitter, and Skype….then moved into releasing clips daily on clipsites.

Goddess Venus

sbs: Do you offer real time sessions as well, or just online/clip servitude Goddess?

GV: I have a few real time slaves, but I mostly do clips. I love doing cash meets when I travel too!

sbs: Those slaves are very lucky to be given the chance to serve you in person.  Speaking of cash meets, financial domination is a prominent element of your Twitter posts.  Is it easy to take a man from lustful admirer to financial slave? Can all men be persuaded to cross that line?

GV: I could be bold and say “yes”, but I’m practical. Many men refuse to make themselves useful. Those men can die.

sbs: So those men can die is pretty definitive lol

GV: Yep…Lol

sbs: Understood Goddess.  Have your wallet ready and deep bank accounts if you want to serve this perfect Goddess. Assuming a slave is generous enough to be worthy of your time, do you prefer a complete pushover submissive who throws themselves at your feet, or do you enjoy breaking a slave that resists somewhat? Other Dommes have mentioned they enjoy the conquest of breaking a male who thinks he’s an “Alpha”.  Would that be the case for you as well Goddess?

GV: Bahahhahaha. I break men who think they’re Alphas on the subway every day. 😂 I hate unruly, bratty slaves though. You either serve and submit or get the fuck out. I don’t like to play games.


sbs: Nor should you have to.  I can imagine the lineup of men wanting to serve you is long and you have your choice of slaves.  You mentioned the subway and I know you were just on there as we’re conducting this interview.  Any men left kneeling with their wallets feeling a little lighter after this trip Goddess? 😉

GV: Bahahhahaha. Not this time.

sbs: There’s always tomorrow…Now having established that financial domination is your far and away favourite fetish, what else do you enjoy exploring with slaves in your clips, or in real time in terms of fetishes?

GV: Since Trump is my future president I recently promised all men 4-years of CBT. So I’m getting really into CBT lately and the idea of torturing cocks. It’s sooooo much fun. I’ve done some CBT in RT, and it’s sooooo entertaining. I really, really enjoy hurting my slaves. My RT virgin slave always has bruises from me biting him and red marks where I’m constantly carving “LOSER” into his chest. He’s the luckiest though. I’m currently training him to eat me out. He’s getting pretty good at it. I love shooting JOIs and female supremacy clips. I’m really into making homewrecking clips with a female supremacy twist at the moment.


sbs: My god I never could have imagined a response that had both “Donald Trump is my future president” and “eat me out” in the same reply! We’re in uncharted waters now Goddess! 🙂 Though I can see where Trump and CBT go together.  There’s a man in serious need of some ball busting and pain. Safe to say he wouldn’t be grabbing you by the p**ssy anytime and getting away with it?

GV: I would cut his dick off, face fuck him with it, then cut his throat and let him bleed with his cock in his mouth.

sbs: My goodness…you’re such a beautiful and elegant looking woman, yet you say things like that and it’s rather terrifying! Safe to say you are a complicated woman Goddess? Also safe to say he didn’t get your vote? Lol

GV: Bahahahhahhaa. So complicated. Ugh. Never.

sbs: Okay I’m going to try to get us back on track away from politics and dismemberment if you don’t mind lol.  Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

GV: I still get a rush from it, but it’s definitely expected.


sbs: Well, I have to confess that looking at how beautiful you are, it’s impossible to imagine a man saying no to you. Given how easily men submit to you, Goddess, how can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

GV: Idk. There is probably some sign, but it’s something I can usually just perceive. I can tell through subtleties.

sbs: So unique to each session with each slave perhaps?

GV: Each sub is unique and their submission often manifests in its own way. I usually always find it adorable too. Lol


sbs: I can imagine it is quite the emotional experience for them to submit.  Okay changing directions a little…with your clips and your Twitter profile and online presence, you’ve no doubt become rather well known world-wide.  Have you ever been recognized in public, and if so, what was the reaction like for the overwhelmed slave who found themselves in your presence?

GV: Bahahhahahhahaha. No I’ve never been recognized in public, but I’m sure when it does happen they’ll be happily emptying their wallet to me.

sbs: I somehow imagine you’d take great pleasure in having a man on his knees handing his wallet to you while his wife looks on stunned at what you’re able to have him do!


GV: Bahahahhahha. I’d take his wallet, and she and I would go shopping with his cash.

sbs: Wow…didn’t see that one coming lol.  Would wifey become your slave or your equal in that scenario?

GV: Equal. All women are equal. Men are below us.

sbs: We most certainly are Goddess.  As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of interviewing you, the purpose is, of course, to inform our readers of how amazing you are and how they can show their devotion to you.  For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

GV: They can send me a $100+ tribute and a brief message. Simpler ways of serving are buying clips and shopping my wish list.


sbs: I will be sure to include links to all ways you’ve mentioned, of course Goddess.  I always strive to be a good boy in the presence of such perfect beauty.  Anything else you wish to say to your admiring worshipers, present and future, that may be reading this feature?

GV: Always do your best to treat every woman with the utmost respect…We are your betters. 💘🔪🎀

sbs: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Goddess Venus.  With your permission, may I ask one final one?

GV: Sure 🙂

sbs: Thank you Goddess.  My question is if we were conducting this interview in person, with me sitting across from you, how would it end?

GV: Well I’d have a new wallet 😉

sbs: You’re very certain I’d cross that line, are you Goddess?

GV: Bahahahahhahaha

sbs: Has any man ever resisted you Goddess? What if I remained completely professional on account of the fact that I’m working here? 😉

GV: Nope. Not a chance, slave 😉

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Links to Goddess Venus:

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