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She is breathtakingly beautiful and as sensual and seductive as any woman you will ever experience.  Today’s feature Domme is the exceptional Goddess Theodora, and she proves that a beautiful woman doesn’t need force or cruelty to get men to obey them.  This gorgeous Goddess uses her exquisite beauty and allure to enslave men, bringing them to their knees willingly in an effort to please the unattainable.  She will seduce you and break you.  She’ll take everything from you, leaving you with the knowledge that you have knelt before the absolute best.  This may be the most sensual and erotic of features I have ever put together.  Goddess Theodora warned me her introductory video might be more than I could handle.  She didn’t warn me about her answer to my final question.  That response will haunt me as I ache for her for a VERY long time.  Enjoy her intelligent responses to my questions, her beautiful images she so graciously shared with me, and fall under her spell.  You can’t imagine how good it feels to serve and worship Goddess Theodora, but you soon will.


slaveboysmith: For any who follow you, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case? How does it translate in your life?

Goddess Theodora: I have been doing this from my youngest age, as soon as I realized my power as a girl, then as a Woman, with all my boyfriends and girlfriends, even on my parents and teachers… I have been seducing people into doing whatever I fancy for as long as I can remember. That included buying me things, paying my bills, even paying me a salary every month just because I’m beautiful. I am also a natural homewrecker. For some reason, I always find a great satisfaction in pushing married men to leave their wives for me! And most of the time, they do. I had no idea that financial domination and homewrecking, for instance, were things I could make a living out of as a pro until about 6 years ago, when I started to go out to fetish events everywhere across Europe. Domination really comes in many, many different, fascinating forms.

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life, or is Femdom more a roleplay for you when interacting with slaves? 

GT: I believe all successful Dommes are naturals. There are so many ways to be dominant. I consider myself a Seductress, a Temptress, and a Manipulatrix: my parents are a psychologist and hypnotherapist respectively… I suppose it was only logical that I would inherit their passion and abilities somehow! I never really identified with the classic, BDSM latex clad Dominatrix cliché (I’m allergic to latex, anyway), although I have been in the fetish scene for a while. I feel myself the most when I’m wearing couture clothes, I don’t use accessories very often, and I am not much of a sadist. I’m not turned on by the damage I inflict, rather by what I manage to obtain from someone. I’m a very selfish Domme! Needless to say that financial domination came very naturally to me.


sbs: Not all women are created equally, obviously, and you are most definitely as Alpha as they come. What do you say to women who are jealous of your success, or bothered by the lifestyle you are afforded by your admiring slaves?

GT: Women supporting each other are the true Queens. You know, jealousy is often a sign of an underlying inferiority complex. I don’t mind beta women talking behind my back : any kind of publicity is good publicity, and it’s especially true when you’re a FinDomme. I’m probably draining their husband’s bank account already…

sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you? 

GT: Absolutely. Being a real life FinDomme in Paris, my clientele is very high profile: successful businessmen from New York, London, Hong Kong or Dubai who are staying in Paris for a business trip. These men already have everything they could ask for, I suppose that to them, a total power exchange with a gorgeous, dominant French Manipulatrix and Seductress who makes them pay obscene amounts of money for her sole pleasure represents the ultimate fantasy and the epitome of luxury and exoticism…


sbs: Do you prefer to break and enslave men who might resist, or use well-trained ones that are already broken in? Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination? 

GT: It would be a very Manichean choice to make. Everyone can be manipulated to some extent. I use and enjoy various techniques ranging from idea implementation, neuro-linguistic programming to body-language seduction and erotic hypnosis… I don’t believe anyone could resist me: it would be only a matter of time for me to completely destroy someone’s mind, if I decided to do so. I always get what I want, and I can be very dangerous… I see myself as an artist who molds minds to my liking: every mind I reprogram becomes my work of art. 


sbs: Beyond financial domination, which is an obvious favorite, do you have other specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

GT: Well, I love everything psychological… And seduction is my mother tongue. Homewrecking is so much fun! Hypnosis also is a definite (and obvious) favourite weapon of choice. Apart from that, I would say shoe and foot worship. I have always attracted shoe fetishists, and they are the best. Not only because they buy me loads of Louboutins and massage my feet, which I love! But because they truly take their role as slaves very seriously. They surely know how to kneel before me, and they are grateful for every second spent licking my soles clean.


sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? 

GT: The whole process of getting someone to surrender to me is fascinating. Poisoning someone’s mind is the deepest, most powerful form of control. There’s nothing more beautiful than a deep seated addiction crafted by my sexy voice, is there? Then, feeding the addiction is like caring for a plant: if you want it to keep on blooming, you have to water it consistently, and give it light, but, not too much… Otherwise the plant starts to feel comfortable and doesn’t bloom in order to reproduce anymore… Or drowns or burns if you really overdo it. I am overwhelmed with joy every time I manage to get what I want out of a slave, be it money or gifts. I enjoy every second of it, every time.

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate Goddess in person?

GT: I have a couple of times actually, in fetish events such as the German Fetish Ball and the London Torture Garden. They don’t approach, but they do send me messages, asking, were you at so and so?


sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

GT: Impress me? I want real sacrifice. I’m very hard to impress and buying me panties off my wishlist isn’t going to cut it if you are looking to make a lasting impression… I play hard, and I’m going to hurt your savings account very badly. So far, I have been paid monthly salaries, just because I am Worthy. I have been tributed $10k, $20k dollars in cash many times. I have shopped for $45k with a slave’s Centurion in Hong Kong… Beat that!

sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

GT: Yes: You have been warned…


sbs: If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

GT: With you kneeling before me, one of my heels in your mouth, and me with your wallet and credit card in one hand and confiscated phone in the other, explaining to your wife that you won’t be coming home tonight…

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