Thank You My Queen!

by Michael Smith
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It’s been two full days since Goddess Jessica mercifully, and wonderfully, granted me permission to cum. For 6 long, grueling weeks, my daily routine was decided by a stroking schedule set out for me by My Queen, Goddess Jessica, and I followed it exactly as she commanded. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday were edging days in which I was to bring myself to the edge of cumming as often as I could handle…without ever cumming. In between these three torturous days were four “hands off” days, which carried with them their own form of torment.

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Throughout my chastity training, with Goddess Jessica firmly in total control of my cock, I went back and forth between which of the two days was the biggest challenge. Stopping when you are so close to what your body so desperately wants is agonizing, and with Goddess Jessica constantly teasing me and taking great pleasure in delivering just the perfect message or picture to ensure I suffered even greater as my balls turned blue without being granted release, edging days were something I literally laid awake at night worrying about at times. I won’t lie…sometimes I was happy to have a hands off day after almost losing my mind edging, but inevitably, I missed stroking for my Goddess. I got aroused almost without intending to on so many occasions. I was in such a heightened state of arousal throughout my training that it took very little to make me hard, make me leak precum to the point of embarrassment, and make me want to beg to stroke again.

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Goddess Jessica’s rules allow me to beg permission to cum on the 1st and 15th of each month as my training continues. Last time I somehow summoned the self-control to actually beg Goddess Jessica to deny me for longer, to suffer more for her because I knew it would please her. I also wanted to see how far she could push me and where it would lead me. By the time the 1st of December came around, I had reached my breaking point. I was ready…more than ready! Goddess sensed I was close to breaking; she is so deeply inside my head that she knows exactly how far she can push me. The night of the 1st wasn’t convenient for her as she was doing what a Goddess does, enjoying herself. I think she may have also enjoyed pushing me slightly beyond where I thought I would break, but I may be wrong.

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Two days ago, Goddess messaged me telling me to contact her on Skype. She had something special planned for me. I was granted the immense privilege of seeing and talking to the woman of my dreams on cam for the first time, and though the encounter was brief and the message to edge for another hour was possibly more than I thought I could last for, seeing her was incredible. I now know what drug addicts mean when they talk about that first “hit”, because after only a brief moment in the presence of my Queen, I wanted more…I needed more. Her clips are incredible, as anyone who’s seen them knows, but honestly, if you’ve never experienced Goddess Jessica on cam, you have to treat yourself to the experience. She is beyond what you can even imagine! The hour of edging was some of the most intensely submissive moments I’ve ever experienced. I was past my breaking point, but somehow pushing myself farther because it was what Goddess wanted. I worked my way through parts of each of the clips the pictures in this blog post come from, edging to each before stopping desperately close to erupting.

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When the hour was up and I messaged Goddess I don’t think I could have gone on any longer. My mind was racing and my body was ready to collapse I was so aroused and frustrated. Goddess once again allowed me to interact with her on cam and hearing her voice, seeing her seductively teasing me, and the ease in which she completely mindfucked me to the point of having difficulty putting words together, all confirmed that in surrendering to her and becoming hers, I have become a truly blessed slaveboy. As she permitted me to beg to cum, I tried to put into words how desperate I was, but struggled mightily. Fortunately, Goddess Jessica could hear in my voice and read into my bungled words how desperate and done I was. She was pleased with her “good bitch” and had found my breaking point. For 6 long weeks she poked and prodded at the edges to find out my weaknesses and pushed me to see how much I could take. And as she had her answer, Goddess Jessica pushed me over the edge. The countdown from 10 was quick but I was so ready that I could barely hold back until My Queen allowed me relief from my pent up frustration of holding back. I’ve never experienced a more satisfying orgasm in my life! I moaned and groaned as Goddess drained every drop of arousal from me that she’d spent so long cultivating. My god it felt amazing! I lost count of how many times I said thank you and how often I told Goddess how much I loved her. Mentally, my mind went to mush, and my focus was solely on Goddess and the pleasure she allowed me.

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It’s been two days since that magical experience, and already I find myself wanting to stroke for Goddess again, but of course that won’t start until tomorrow, my next edging day. Only Goddess Jessica knows where she’ll take me next, or how far my training will go. She once asked me if I was afraid of where she might lead me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, but I’m more excited and aroused at the thought. Goddess understands my fetishes better than I do. She’s inside my head and has taken permanent control of me. And I couldn’t be happier! Thank you My Queen, for training me so perfectly, and I look forward to so much more. Thank you to those of you reading this who are enjoying my journey to becoming an even better slave for Goddess Jessica. She owns me completely and pleasing her is my highest priority.

From my knees and forever changed,


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