Severa – 6’5″ of Goddess Perfection

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Goddess Severa says…so obey like a good boy!


Step-Mommy Severa

slaveboysmith: I will admit that adult baby fetish isn’t on my favourites list, but with that said, seeing you as a strict Step-Mommy is quite something, Goddess Severa, and watching you with a paddle in hand is always an erotic experience. What is it about this fantasy, and this clip in particular, that you so enjoy? And is this a fetish you explore often with your submissives?

Goddess Severa: “Mommy Severa” was My first video foray into this genre. As time goes on, I look to evolve. The push/pull of nurturing, contrasted with being mean, lends itself well to My personality. With this movie, I channeled Kathy Bates in “Misery”. Being both adoring and a complete psycho is appealing to Me. I’ve always done things My own way and haven’t watched others to see how they play Mommies. I do things in a way that are entertaining to Myself and I very much enjoy being a mean Mommy!!

Burglar’s Bad Day

sbs: Talk about a bad choice of homes to break into for this guy! I’m not sure which is more jaw-dropping, seeing you in such a sexy outfit with leather pants and boots, or watching you systematically dismantle this poor guy! How do you feel in that moment as you physically dominate your slave, and might this be viewed as a new breakthrough in home security? Don’t mess with Goddess, indeed…

GS: This movie was really fun…but I thought I might have accidentally broken My dear sub mike’s arm in it (I didn’t). Clips4sale didn’t approve it until I took out the more violent aspects of it (as they claimed it seemed non-consensual). However, mike and I are hard players, and he was a good sport. It was the first time I did butt drops on him, (which I loved), and I really liked tossing him around. I love using My body to dominate. It’s so primal.

Upside Down Blow Job!

sbs: From physically overwhelming your naked slave, inverting him, leaving him disoriented and vulnerable, this clip takes a turn as you reveal your huge strap on dildo. As you look down at a man desperately trying not to gag on your cock, is this a truly delicious moment of turning the conventional on it’s ear and leaving no doubt who is in control for you, Goddess Severa?

GS: I know! Wasn’t that fun?! That was a first for Me as well. I loved having access to that winch and suspending My submissive. He was amazing – taking that massive, big black cock down his throat! And how about those huge boots I was wearing?! I’ve filmed so many scenes during My career, that I’m delighted when a new opportunity to do something unique arises.

Wilderness Punishment

sbs: You look so beautiful in your rather innocent looking country girl attire, and this not so Good Samaritan makes a nuisance of himself. Safe to say you are regularly annoyed by men who try to ingratiate themselves in your presence, Goddess? In this outdoor clip, you take public humiliation into the wilderness. How does this change the dynamic of filming for you, and how does it feel to create something so unique when compared to traditional filming in a dungeon setting?

GS: I don’t need a traditional setting to do a kink scene. I could do a kink scene in a bathrobe! Being dominant is a state of mind and not reliant on gear or location. However, I am very inspired by different settings and what might happen in real life.

This video was quite arduous to make however: wasps attacked us from the moment we stepped out of the car. We evaded them for a bit. I was stung about three times, (and still have a mark on My chest from it), the videographer was stung in the hands, and…I think My sub didn’t get stung (although I saw a wasp crawling on his pee pee at one point). And THEN, this dude in a pickup truck came along and conspicuously parked nearby watching us… it got a little creepy so we packed up and went down the road and then it started raining! I love the final product though. Behind the scenes, there’s always more suffering than the viewer is aware.

Sensitivity Training

sbs: This is one of your all time favourite clips, I understand, and it’s easy to see why. The physical punishments you put these men through certainly are authentic and amazing to watch, if not experience. And to say you look incredible in your police corset uniform would be a gross understatement…wow! How did you enjoy training another woman in the art of physical domination in this clip, and when you are in session, how does the dynamic change when working with a partner in a Double Domme scenario?

GS: I love having another woman to do both a video with, and an in-person playdate, as it means I don’t have to carry the whole scene Myself (which can be very draining- particularly if there’s more than one sub). Having another Domme there, makes things fun and our mutual sadism often escalates things quickly! So… this is a shout out to other Dommes (and subs too)! I’m always looking for new people to shoot video.


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