Queen Carmella – Haunting Your Dreams

by Michael Smith
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Queen Carmella in provocative pose

Queen Carmella is truly one of the most exceptionally beautiful women you could possibly encounter. Her brunette hair, her flawless features and those jaw-dropping curves all combine to slay men who are lured into her sensual web.

She is this week’s IWC Feature Domme, and her store is stocked with sizzling hot clips exploring a plethora of fetishes as your perfect Queen brings your desires to life and uses them to dominate you!

Queen Carmella red lingerie ass worship

Visit her iWantClips store to binge on her amazing array of clips!

Must Buy Clips From Queen Carmella:

Devil vs Angel CEI

Bullied To Suck Cock At School

Chastity Mind Conditioning

Things to know about Queen Carmella:

  • A bit of research into Queen Carmella’s IWC clipstore shows that Financial domination, encouraged bi and humiliation are her most plentiful clip themes. So boys, if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, financially and sexually, you might just impress this strikingly beautiful Goddess.
  • With a degree in music and vocal performance, Queen Carmella is so much more than just a beautiful woman. Her talents are wide-ranging, none more so than her ability to completely take control. And that voice…her sensuality in her voice makes her completely spellbinding!
  • She exists in a world of pure luxury, funded completely by her eager and devoted submissives. Nothing is too good for your Queen, and whatever it takes to provide for her every need, we men will do without hesitation.

Links to Queen Carmella’s Femdom World:


WishTender Wishlist


Queen Carmella red light ass worship
Queen Carmella barefoot worship
Queen Carmella red rose and chains

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