Mistress Kendall Penny – Goddess of Sodomy!

by Michael Smith
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kendall penny femdom

I am Mistress Kendall Penny. Welcome to my domain boys! I guide first time Str8 boys just like you to trying lady meat in their thirsty holes. I’m a Domme Trans Southern Goddess. I love instructing these first-timers on how to serve their Mother Goddess in all of her glory. I take males on a journey to test their boundaries of pain, fear, and shame. Just when they think they can’t take it anymore I give them the extra nudge they need.

Mistress Kendall
Kendall Penny femdom
mistress kendall penny

Interview with Kendall Penny femdom

slaveboysmith: She is the Goddess of Sodomy and a sexy Southern Belle who uses her charm to seduce & dominate men with ease. Today at DommeAddiction I find myself kneeling before the gorgeous Mistress Kendall Penny. It’s a pleasure to be in your presence and I’m sure our readers are going to love learning more about you and your penchant for turning straight men into obedient little sluts for you. Now as I kneel before you today I know that you are an exceptionally beautiful Domme who is not quite like most of the Dommes we feature. I’m desperately trying not to stare at the bulge in your panties as I kneel in front of you, but don’t seem to have the will! How did you first become involved in Femdom, and can you share a little of your experiences along the way?

Mistress Kendall Penny: I began to find my confidence in myself once I started transitioning from dude to Dame. Allowing my natural feminine tendencies to flow freely gave me the authority to do what I want when I want. It allowed me to seduce the males that I had previously had no access to in my masculine presentation.

I started by dominating dudes in cam shows weekly for years. Then I started making my own clips and got into professional porn. Since 2013, I have been dominating males across America and even as far as the UK! It’s been a long journey figuring out who I am as a Domme vs who I wanted to be/who I thought I was supposed to be.

sbs: What type of slaves are typically drawn to you, and do you have a particular type of slave you enjoy owning above all others?

MKP: I differentiate between slaves and subs as there is a massive difference between the two. I am assuming you are lumping them all into one as there are far fewer slaves in the BDSM realm than subs. I attract all types of males from vanilla first-timers, Bulls, cucks, boytoys/Momma’s boys, subs, CD’s sissies, and slaves. All are different and many are more than one.

What they all have in common (for the most part) is that they are hung up on their sexuality in one facet or another. Sure there are some that are totally fine with who they are and what they like but the majority aren’t. I exploit vulnerability, shame and guilt. Thus, I attract all of those that wallow in it.

I enjoy the Momma’s boys and/or cucks mostly. I love the guys who haven’t explored much. Being the person to help them experience things for the first time is very rewarding and quite an honor. And such a power trip!

sbs: You make it very hard to focus on my questions TS Kendall Penny. I recently noticed a tweet you made displaying a message from a slave desperate for more of your perfect Mommy cock, begging for your attention, and stunned at how easily you converted him. How does it feel to have a man so aroused and willing for you?

ts kendall penny

MKP: For years I ate it up. I was finally holding the power over males that they had held over me for so many years. At this point most males will do whatever I tell them to. When they don’t it kind of throws me off. A little push back is hot. Makes me have to work a bit to achieve the goal at hand. Coercion is a beautiful mind game.

sbs: Once you have your slaves in that kind of desperate state, what fetishes do you especially enjoy exploring with them?

MKP: My two biggest kinks are degradation and forced-bi. I can’t seem to get enough of denying men of their sexual identities while forcibly making them do things for my sexual gratification. These dudes are cock addicted sluts too cowardly to allow them to have what they want so they relinquish responsibility and want a Domme to “make them do it.” Ridding themselves of the guilt. I help them claim ownership.

sbs: If you could have one celebrity, or well known person turned into a cock-hungry little slut before you, eager to embrace you as their Mistress and submit completely, who would you choose, and why?

MKP: I truly take no interest in famous people or celebrities. I do not worship them and have never taken much time to consider them or their lives. I am far more attracted to the boy next door or sexually repressed married man. Much of what I do seems like I am making males do things they don’t want, but it’s far closer to allowing males the opportunity to engage with what they have been so fearful of trying.

sbs: As I kneel before you here and you slip your hand into your panties and reveal to me what so many ache for, it’s not hard to see why your beautiful Mistress cock enslaves men so easily. I’m sure every man fortunate enough to be in my position would beg hard for the privilege of worshiping your magnificent cock, Kendall Penny Mistress. What is the typical reaction of a slave when they are first given a glimpse of what they crave so badly? And how do you use this desire to manipulate and control them?

MKP: Sexually deprived and repressed males will do just about anything in order to have what they desire. The rarer the niche the more they’ll be willing to sacrifice in order to have it. Forced-bi is just about the hottest kink I enjoy but can be challenging to orchestrate as multiple parties are involved. Scheduling can be such a cock block! I found out that making men confess their addiction and love for my dick while in their mouth is one of the most fulfilling moments of my career.

sbs: For those not able, or not yet ready for an in person session with you, what online methods of serving you exist for devoted submissives?

MKP: Once they join my OnlyFans and buy my videos, trust me darling, they’ll find themselves begging to see me in person!  

sbs: I’m quite sure you’ve enslaved a number of our readers with your provocative responses, and you’ve certainly had this slaveboy completely under your spell this entire interview! For those reading this, aching to approach and offer their submission to Mistress Kendall Penny, what advice would you offer to ensure we make the best possible first impression on the woman of our dreams?

MKP: Of course you are going to come with your own goals and aspirations for what an engagement with me would be like. Don’t lead with those so loudly that you forget that you are here to serve me. Not the other way around. I am the exception to the rule. You are a dime a dozen. Depending on the day, I don’t give second chances. Don’t be lacking in such self control that you get in your own way of having what it is that you want most. Tact in your approach will provide the sweetest fruit.

ts kendall penny
kendall penny mistress
kendall penny mistress


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Mistress Kendall
kendal penny femdom
Mistress Kendall

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