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by Michael Smith
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mistress karina

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Mistress Karina says…now obey!

Mistress Karina

Tiny Dick Boot Bitch

Interview With Mistress Karina Femdom

slaveboysmith: What is it about a sexy pair of boots that transforms a beautiful woman into a Goddess, while turning men into grovelling little worms, unable to think or speak, but simply obey?

Mistress Karina: I think it’s partially the power the boots represent- perhaps subconsciously boots are often linked with authority figures- think military commander or police officer- but partially just because they look SO damn sexy and really elevate the wearer! Thigh high platform boots will always be My favourite. (Yes, that is a hint to buy Me a pair…! SpoilMistressKarina.com)

Tiffany Towers Takes My Cock

sbs: Tiffany is a gorgeous TS doll that you have fun with regularly judging by your Twitter feed. Tell me a little about your chemistry on camera and do you ever session real time as a duo?

MK: Tiffany is a wonderful friend of Mine who performs fantastically on camera. Pegging her is always a delight as she’s fully trained at taking cock! It’s always a super fun time filming with her and you boys can expect plenty more content with the two of us! We could indeed accept double bookings, provided your wallet is fat enough…

Enslaved By Your Personal Trainer

sbs: The right woman does not need leather, whips and high heel boots to completely enslave and break down a man. You are as devastatingly sexy in yoga pants as anything else you could wear. What is the reaction in everyday life as you wear yoga pants. I’m just imagining men drooling and wives and girlfriends insanely jealous. But something tells me you might enjoy that. Am I right, Mistress?

MK: I am a huge fan of skin tight yoga pants, and I’m very good at spotting men checking out My ass. Just one fierce glance over my shoulder at the gym is enough to intimidate the staring pervs into looking away, shamefully red faced. I like calling men out on their weaknesses, and often taunt men in public who I catch staring at Me. Humiliating pathetic men who don’t deserve to look at Me is my calling! And yes, I get plenty of bitchy stares and glares from their partners too. I just pity them. It must suck to be dating a beta male and have a flat ass. Jealousy is a disease, sweetie!

You Deserve Cock Not Pussy

sbs: What is it about coercing a man to embrace a love/lust for cock that truly satisfies you as a Domme? Is it humiliation? The pushing of boundaries? How do you feel watching your formerly “straight” slave swallow another man’s dick because you told him to?

MK: Fantastic question, slaveboy! I find the humiliation of men acknowledging that Pussy is always going to be superior, and that betas will never be worthy of it incredibly satisfying. Another man converted to cock is always a win for Me. Now open that mouth and say ‘aaah!’

Cane Trials

sbs: Can you describe how it feels to witness the impact of a cane on your slave’s physical and mental being? How do you feel hearing their suffering, feeling them moving closer to breaking with every lash, first begging for more and finally begging for mercy?

MK: Caning is an activity I’ll never tire of. There’s something very satisfying about the beautiful red, uniform stripes I create on my victim’s backside. Knowing each line makes them suffer for My pleasure. The yelps of pain are an encouragement, and something of an aphrodisiac for a sadist like Myself. Men screaming always makes Me smile. Men crying always makes Me laugh.

mistress karina femdom
mistress karina femdom
mistress karina femdom

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