Mistress Grande – Dominant Top T-Girl

by Michael Smith
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ts mistress grande

I am Mistress Grande. Welcome to my underground lair!

I am a Dominant Top Active T-Girl Courtesan. Seducer of Str8 men. Deviant Brazilian Beauty. I delight in leading shy First-timers and Naughty Str8 boys like you, into trying girl-dick in your greedy holes. I’m a Dominant Mistress who enjoys drilling horny men into a submissive state of bliss, so my content often reflects this. I had your interviewer, slaveboysmith, drooling the entire time in this interview. Will you be as eager to taste my huge secret as he was?

Mistress Grande
mistress grande trans
ts mistress grande

Interview with TS Mistress Grande

slaveboysmith: She is a strikingly gorgeous T-Girl Dominatrix, always ready to dominate and break any man privileged enough to submit to her. Welcome to DommeAddiction, Mistress Grande TS, and thank you for allowing me to kneel before you today and to share your story. May I please begin by asking how you became a Dominatrix and a little about your style as a Domme?

Mistress Grande: Hello slaveboysmith, pleasure to be here and have you kneeling before me… Regarding your questions…from a young age, I’ve had a fascination with being in control and having power over others.

As I grew older, this fascination developed into a keen interest in BDSM and the lifestyle associated with it. After much experimentation, research and exploration, I eventually decided to pursue my dream of becoming a Shemale Dominatrix. I always knew I had a strong, dominant personality, but it wasn’t until I became a Dominatrix that I found my true calling in life. Having embraced the role of a Shemale Dominatrix with enthusiasm, I use my strong personality and powerful sensuality to make sure that my clients are always left feeling satisfied.

As a Shemale Domme, my style is based on control, humiliation and pleasure. My sessions are always tailor made to suit the client’s individual needs, and can range from mild to wild, depending on the client’s experience and desires. I love delving into the mind of a sub slave, so I can create a unique experience that’s specifically tailored to them. Through my journey as a Dominatrix, I have been able to explore the depths of BDSM culture and utilize this knowledge during sessions, making sure that everyone involved has an enjoyable experience.

I have to admit I’m fascinated with the power dynamics between a Dominant and submissive. As a Domme, I specialize in BDSM and active bondage. My style is both sensual and powerful, often incorporating nylon, rubber, and latex into sessions. Sessions often contain elements of bondage, spanking and other forms of BDSM play. And as a Dominant Top Mistress, I also enjoy fucking subs, and thoroughly get a kick out of taking control of them sexually. I really enjoy pushing boundaries, and creating an intense yet safe atmosphere for my submissive bottom playmates.

I only entertain male clients who are seeking the ultimate sub/Domme experience. And my goal is always to provide an experience that will leave men feeling empowered, satisfied and wanting more… I hope that satisfied your curiosity and answered your questions, and I shall look forward to the next one!

sbs: Your response, like your social media profiles including Twitter make it very obvious how you are a natural Top and are able to dominate and control with ease. As a Trans Domme, how does it feel to have men like me so eager to experience what only you can provide in a session, dominating us both mentally and physically with every inch we experience of your power and beauty, Mistress Grande?

MG: As a Trans Domme, it’s an incredible feeling to have men eager to experience the power and beauty of my domination. It’s a unique opportunity to make them feel my supremacy over them be it mentally, spiritually, and physically. Being a Mistress gives me an outlet, and an opportunity to use my skills in a way that no other can provide.

I get immense satisfaction from being able to control and manipulate men into submission. Having a man submit to me is truly an empowering experience that allows me to explore new depths of dominance and control, as the sub male relinquishes control, and completely gives himself over to me. In that moment there’s a power exchange between us, in which I totally own his sub beta male ass, as he utterly succumbs to my dominance.

But truly he loves it, because it’s in his nature to want to submit to me, and please his superior Alpha Mistress. My Dominance and his submission is literally Yin and Yang, as my dark feminine energy merges with his bright masculine energy. Our energetic interactions lead to opposite forces interconnecting and bonding, resulting in a harmonious symphony between us, as I lead him on a dance into subspace and feed off his submissiveness, while he’s there. The feeling is indescribable, very much beyond words, and this physical plane.

sbs: If you could have any celebrity, or well known person, bent over, shackled and eagerly awaiting having their ass dominated by you, Mistress Grande, who might you choose, and why?

MG: I’ve got of a bit of a confession to make here… I do not have, nor watch TV, movies etc, so I have no idea about celebrities or pop culture. I follow my own path, by nature and design. What I do is non-mainstream, it’s fringe, and this is my mindset.

I am completely immersed in D/s culture and lifestyle, and I have no idea what’s going on out there in the mainstream world, or who all the movers and shakers are. To be honest, I am very much disconnected from the “matrix”, to the point if a celebrity walked in I’d likely have no idea who they are lol! The world does the world, I do me, and rarely, if ever do our paths cross, if that makes sense?

sbs: That is very fair, beautiful Mistress. Let me ask you this…what are the attributes of the ideal Mistress Grande submissive? And when in session with your slaves, what are some of your favourite fetishes to explore?

MG: What are the ideal attributes of a Mistress Grande sub? Good question…. Submissive behaviour is a trait that I find highly attractive and desirable in a partner. I see it as an act of trust, submission, and respect. Being a submissive is a complex role that requires dedication and commitment.

For me the ideal submissive must possess certain attributes such as trustworthiness, obedience, and respect. Submissives must also have the ability to listen and carefully follow my instructions to the letter. I love attentive subs who recognise the importance of paying attention to details. Also, they must be willing to take on whatever tasks I assign them without questioning it or arguing. The ideal submissive should have a strong sense of self-discipline and be able to take constructive criticism in order to grow. Lastly, they should have an open mind and be willing to explore the different aspects of my lifestyle as a Dominant and indulge me, every step of the way.

What are some of my favourite fetishes? I cannot reveal all my secrets sweetie lol. What I will say is when it comes to exploring fetishes during a session with a sub, there are so many options available, which I enjoy. From bondage and roleplay to sensory deprivation and humiliation. One of my favourite fetishes, if you can call it that, is exploring and playing with power dynamics. This can involve anything from verbal commands and body language, to physical restraints and physical/sexual dominance/submission power play. I enjoy exploring humiliation play, as it’s a powerful way for me and my submissive to explore our own boundaries in a safe environment.

I also enjoy exploring fetishes like, dressing for pleasure, foot fetishism, sensory deprivation, breathplay, spanking, wax play, pet play and even age play. Whatever the fetish may be, I always strive to create an experience that is both enjoyable, and an educational experience for both myself and my submissive partner. Exploring fetishes is an incredibly rewarding experience for both my sub and I. It brings out a sense of excitement and intensity that is hard to find elsewhere, and it adds an extra layer of trust to our Dominant-submissive relationship.

No matter what type of fetish is explored during a session, it is important for of us to communicate openly about what we are comfortable with in order to ensure that everyone involved is enjoying themselves safely. Having said that, I do have some harder, more extreme tastes, that only the truly experienced seasoned submissive can come close to handling. But like I said earlier, I am not about to reveal all my secrets here. Perhaps one day I will show you, instead ;)!

sbs: Of course, a Goddess must keep some secrets! I have a feeling I would LOVE to have you show me anything you wish to, Mistress! Thank you for the privilege of this interview. It has been intoxicating to kneel before you, watching you stroke your amazing cock and tease me mercilessly. To conclude this interview, let me ask you this…with all that you have experienced and accomplished already as a Dominatrix, what comes next for Mistress Grande?

MG: As a Domme, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing and accomplishing many amazing things. From creating an unforgettable experience for my clients, to teaching others how to get the most out of their BDSM relationships, to running dungeons and events, I have done it all. But what comes next? I’m always looking for new ways to expand my knowledge and experiences in the BDSM/Domme lifestyle. Whether it’s exploring different techniques or experimenting with new toys, I’m always eager to explore and learn more. In addition, I am also committed to helping others find their own path in this lifestyle.

Through education and support, I strive to create a safe space for people to express themselves and explore their kinks without judgement or fear. You could say that I believe that by continuing on this journey of self-discovery and growth, I can help others do the same while also furthering my own development as a Domme. I do have other plans and a sideline project on the go which reflects another aspect of my character, but these are to do with my private life. I guess you could say being a Mistress is like my public persona, and how I like to play in the bedroom, but I also have a private life that feeds into other aspects of my personality, and helps to keep me grounded and centred if that makes sense…

Mistress Grande
mistress grande trans
Mistress Grande



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