Mistress Cleopatra – Arab Domme Of Your Dreams!

by Michael Smith
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mistress cleopatra femdom

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Mistress Cleopatra says…now obey like a good boy!

mistress cleopatra strapon

BBC Slut Gets Fucked Deep In All The Positions

slaveboysmith: How does it feel for you in that moment, your huge black strap on cock ready and lubed up, a willing slave bent over and ready to submit so intimately to your power as you begin to slide your cock into him, breaking him forever?

Mistress Cleopatra: It feels amazing to have so much power and be the real Alpha female while shooting my clips and doing my sessions, nothing comes close!

Fucking My Sissy’s Ass In The Kitchen While She Cooks For Me

sbs: I’m starting to think you REALLY love using a strap on! lol When was the first time you used one, and do you remember the experience and how it led you to where you are today, a GOD with a strap on cock?

MC: Four years ago, I had a boyfriend and I realized I had a real kink for it when he asked me one day to use it on him. It felt awesome when I put a collar on him, pulled the chain and fucked him in the ass and it gave me such an adrenaline rush. I’ll never forget that feeling!

Strap-on Arabic JOI Humiliation

sbs: I’m guessing there are some careful considerations that go into anything involving race play. How do you make sure you don’t cross the line, or is it anything goes if a slave is willing and eager to be humiliated in this way?

MC: I love this question actually. Here’s the thing: I am one of the few real Arab Dommes who wears hijabs at some point. I realised Femdom is making a real rise in Arab countries and I want to break every taboo there is concerning hijabs, speaking Arabic and everything else it may be. In time I will make a lot more Arab content, including strapon, hijab clips etc. I really want to put Arab Femdom on the map, so to speak.

Facesitting In Wetlook Leather Leggings

sbs: You look absolutely breathtaking in your wet look leggings, which is appropriate as you settle onto a slave’s face. When you are in such a position, literally controlling their ability to breath with your amazing ass in leather, what type of response are you looking for in your slave as they worship you from beneath?

MC: I want to choke the sub and make him beg to breathe. Just like big dogs dominate small dogs, I dominate my subs. Everything is about control.

Delicious Foot Gagging

sbs: There is foot worship, which can be tender and gentle, and then there’s this clip in which you force your feet deep into a slave’s mouth and throat. What is it about having your feet worshiped and then turning it into a humiliating gagging that so amuses you Mistress Cleopatra?

MC: That’s an interesting question. I love it when subs worship and lick my feet after having a hard day at work or at the gym. I love for my feet to be treated right and cleaned and I always make my subs massage them and clean them with their mouth. It makes me tingle all over my body and makes me relax.

mistress cleopatra pegging
Mistress Cleopatra
mistress cleopatra pegging

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