Miss Luscious – Professional Tease

by Michael Smith
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Her flawless physique, perfect beauty & those icy blue eyes mean Miss Luscious is made to seduce and enslave men effortlessly. This week’s IWC Feature Domme is the ultimate sensual Temptress. A muscular Goddess with a voice that will haunt you as she tempts you with those jaw-dropping curves. Binge on her incredible clips and fall head over heels in love, and lust, with the amazing Goddess Luscious forever!

Miss Luscious black leather boots and buckles

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Must Buy Clips From Goddess Miss Luscious:

Bust Your Balls For My Tits

Lick It Up

Red Hot Edging Session

Things to know about Goddess Miss Luscious:

  • Those blue eyes are her most striking feature of a face that is simply gorgeous. She is the perfect blend of the woman of your dreams, and the Domme of your lustful desires. One look into those eyes and one little smile and Miss Luscious has your heart, your wallet and that cock fully under her devilish control.
  • Miss Luscious is devoted to her physical fitness, training hard and pushing her boundaries with weightlifting and training. The result is a body that is perfectly sculpted and impossible to resist. She is the woman that turns heads in the gym and then uses her perfect gains to easily work her way into your finances. You don’t mind, do you?
  • Her style is sensual and teasing, the ultimate Seductress. You know what she’s doing but she’s just too damn beautiful and tempting to ever say “no” to. Proving that a true Domme need not raise her voice, but simply get us hard, weak and willing. From there, everything belongs to her.

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Miss Luscious red lingerie
Miss Luscious blue eyes and tattoos
Miss Luscious red and black lingerie

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