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by Michael Smith
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I am Miss Alika White…

Want to serve me? Simple. Every time you buy my clips and follow the instructions in them, you contribute to my princess lifestyle. All this while I degrade and embarrass you. See, you’re not totally useless. Now go and buy some clips, loser. 

Want to become one of my top slaves, long-term slaves? So do hundreds of other losers. If you want on-going attention,  you’ll need to buy my latest clip every day. When you’ve done that for a month, let me know.

Miss Alika red lingerie and heels
Miss Alika Dommes drinking wine
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Welcome to Miss Alika White’s Lair

slaveboysmith: Today at DommeAddiction finds this very lucky slaveboy kneeling before a woman who loves to tease, laugh at and play games with submissive men like me.  She is regularly a Top Seller at iWantClips. And if you’ve ever purchased even one of her amazing clips, you know why I’m nervous in the presence of this exquisitely beautiful and bratty Domme! Welcome to DA, Miss Alika White. Thank you for this opportunity to bow before you and look up at you from the floor.  For any who follow you, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case? Do you recall when you first realized the power you hold over men?

Miss Alika White: Well, I’m hot so like forever! All hot women automatically have power over men because men think with their cocks. Since my breasts got big in high school I realised how pathetic and eager to please me they were simply because they fancied me. Being aware of this as well as being pretty smart, it’s not difficult to manipulate men into doing what I want them to!

Tesla Takeover

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life. Or is Femdom more a roleplay for you when interacting with slaves?

MAW: I don’t try to dominate the guys I date in the bedroom. Mostly it’s the men I’m not sexually interested in that become slaves. I can’t say I don’t sometimes manipulate them though. A lot of guys fall for me. I suppose I’m quite domineering in a work / business way. My standards and ambitions are high so I make sure things are always done well. That includes in my previous corporate vanilla job and in my current endeavors. I’m pretty chill and laid back in other areas of my life.

sbs: If you could have one celebrity, or well known person, completely at your mercy, willing to do anything you demanded of them, who would it be, and why?  

MAW: Definitely Elon Musk…just because he’s loaded! $

sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you? And do you have an ideal in mind for the “perfect Miss Alika slave”?

MAW: I have A LOT of pussy free losers / virgins who are drawn to me. I’m so surprised how many grown men are virgins. Aside from this, it’s a broad mix. Obviously, I do a lot of humiliation content. This means a lot of them are weak for a mean brat girl like me. However, I also have more vanilla or mildly submissive men begging me to make more content that is less humiliation focused.

I’m not sure if I have a ‘perfect’ slave but I like them to be a good communicator (concise messages preferred). They must have realistic expectations for their budget and be amusing to me in some way. I won’t do anything that bores me!

No Topping from the Bottom

sbs: Do you prefer to break and enslave men who might resist, or use well-trained ones that are already broken in?

MAW: A mix of both. However, I dislike a slave trying to top from the bottom so if they’re new and need training, they need to be polite, honest, open minded and have a strong desire to please and obey me above all else. The well trained ones are nice and easy but even they need some training to become what I specifically want.

sbs: From your Twitter, it is obvious that using your beauty to completely weaken slaves is a recurring theme in many of your clips.  Would you consider yourself more of a sensual teasing Domme or are you more sadistic and cruel. And do you have any specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

MAW: If I’m honest, it’s a real mix of both. I get a big kick out of using my erotic body to make men weak, horny and willing to obey me. I love to tease and deny and flaunt my body. It’s fun knowing a slave feels desperate to cum. I also get a huge kick out of just being mean to slaves for a laugh. Usually, making them do embarrassing and humiliating things.

Since I set up my studio ‘Girls in Charge’ where I’ve been filming with slaves in real life, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy physically bulling slaves too. You can watch me pushing them around, slapping, cropping and most definitely kicking them in the balls. So, I can be both, depending on my mood and also the slave I’m talking to.

Miss Alika – Amused by our Obsessing

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

MAW: Amusement. I love chilling out and enjoying my life whilst knowing my slaves are obsessing over me and going out of their way to please me. I love waking up to all the messages I get from weak men wanting to do anything to get my attention. It’s hilarious.

sbs: Every single one of the clips I’ve purchased of yours were incredible.  And I recognize this is a challenging question, but is there one of your clips that you would point to that every submissive reading this feature must buy immediately to begin their addiction to your hot content, Miss Alika?

MAW: Since I make so many different types of clips and have over 1000, it’s impossible to name one or even a few. The best thing to do is to browse or search by a fetish / category you like. I have something for every submissive. I even started doing some cosplay mind fuck content recently with my clip ‘Femdom Kombat’ which I really enjoyed making.

Girls In Charge

sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

MAW: I think the obvious answer to this is that they can show they have monetarily contributed to my success. I don’t mind if that’s through clip purchases or tributes. I don’t usually engage with a sub who has no proof of this. The more they contribute, the more attention they will get. It’s as simple as that really.

sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

MAW: Go check out and follow my new studio Girls in Charge. The studio is in addition to my own personal store and new content is released every other day. The clips are different to my own as there’s a lot of multiple Domme performances and clips featuring real slaves. The idea of the studio is simple. I invite hot girls to come and have fun bullying submissive men with me. Some of the girls are Dommes too and some are vanilla girls having fun at the slaves’ expense.

sbs: If you would oblige me one final question. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you as I lose myself in your cruel and beautiful presence, how might such an interview conclude?

MAW: I’d probably take all of the money from your wallet. Then I’d likely make you do something embarrassing to make me laugh before I leave.

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