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by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Miss Adrienne Luxe says…so obey like a good boy!

Miss Adrienne Luxe

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Your Harmless Habit

slaveboysmith: There is nothing harmless once a man glimpses deeply into your cleavage abyss, Adrienne Luxe JOI. As you produce such sexy clips, are you aware of the impact they will have on the viewer, and does it please you to know that the addiction is building with every single purchase?

Miss Adrienne Luxe: Of course it pleases me that their addiction grows with every purchase. How thrilling for me that I can take them deeper with every clip! I aim to take my subs deep into subspace with my clips. It’s the only escape that they have from their otherwise miserable lives.

You Can Stop Anytime, Right?

sbs: So many who worship and spoil beautiful Dommes claim they are breaking away and are going to take back control of their lives. I confess to having uttered such sentiments myself on occasion. How often do you have slaves try to break free, only to come crawling back to Mommy, begging to serve again? And do you have a process for having a slave earn their way back into your servitude that you might share with our readers?

MAL: I have many subs who try to break free. It’s honestly laughable. However I do aim to do things from an ethical standpoint; it’s without a doubt a pillar of my brand of Femdom. Sometimes subs need a break, sometimes I do take them deeper than they expected to go, and that can be alarming for them. I know that sometimes they need a week or so to collect themselves, get a grip on reality again before diving deep back into the fantasy.

When they inevitably return, I ask them why they left and why they returned, which is a three-part process. First, it allows me to see what triggered them so deeply so that I can manipulate that further in our engagements. Second, it reinforces to them that they will surely always return to me. Third, it allows them space to explain if they indeed needed to safeword out of an experience. Sometimes, in the moment, we’re unable to clock those experiences, and at the end of the day, this is always supposed to be safe and FUN.

It’ll Be Different This Time

sbs: Can any man be made to lose all control once they are immersed in your sensual world, Miss Adrienne Luxe? And how does it feel to know that you can so easily have control over virtually any man, and likely woman, you come across?

MAL: The moment you click “purchase,” you are surrendering to be in my world. The individuals who purchase my products already WANT to be transported into another space. There’s no convincing to be done on my end. Knowing that I have this power is an honor, and one I take very seriously. Again, doing things in accordance to my own personal values and ethics is of utmost importance to me. I take the power that I have very seriously. With great power comes great responsibility, right? This is supposed to be FUN. It’s an escape. It’s a FANTASY.

Sweet & Cozy Aftercare

sbs: What can Miss Adrienne share about what aftercare might look like following a sizzling hot session in your presence?

MAL: I take a great amount of pride in my aftercare. It seems so rare in this industry, and it’s imperative to my brand of Femdom. If I have a sub who is not interested in aftercare, or refuses it, I know that is not a submissive that I care to engage with. Aftercare is not just for subs. As a Domme, I get pleasure out of providing it. Any refusal tells me that you are not interested in MY needs. Only your own. I am not a kink-dispenser.

My aftercare generally consists of me reminding my subs that they are loved and cared for. Additionally, I remind them to drink water and get some rest so that they are ready to re-engage when the time comes. Depending on the intensity of the session, sometimes I will include some breathing techniques (I’m also a certified yoga teacher) to help regulate the nervous system. It’s an opportunity to strengthen my bond with a submissive, and in my opinion, the only responsible way to practice BDSM.

Thrill of the Pump

sbs: Buying clips and paying tribute in servitude is one level of submission, but this clip seems to be aimed at those who find arousal in the act of paying…true finsubs, if you will. Are you easily able to differentiate between those who pay to play, so to speak, and those who are desperate to pay because it excites and arouses them? And how do you know when a finsub reaches their breaking point and have no more to give as they desperately chase your permission for that elusive orgasm?

MAL: In my opinion, those who pay to play are the ones who are simply purchasing clips, or going on clip binges. To me, that is not Findom. That is simply appropriate compensation for my labor. When it comes to those who are genuinely aroused by paying large sums because they know that they don’t deserve to cum otherwise is when I know I’ve delved deep into their psyche. Their brains and bodies simply won’t allow them the release without the risk. I’ve learned to associate the minds of such subs to those who have a gambling addiction. Knowing that losing drives a deeper thrill for them than winning does is what makes the process so deliciously sadistic to me.

adrienne luxe femdom
Miss Adrienne Luxe
adrienne luxe femdom

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