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by Michael Smith
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goddess evelyn

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. The Hot Mean Girl, Goddess Evelyn says…so obey like a good boy!

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A Premie Only For Me

slaveboysmith: Men who think of themselves as something other than a beta bitch have no idea what is in store when they meet The Hot Mean Girl, do they? With all the submissive simps fawning over you, is there a special pleasure for you when a supposed alpha breaks for you and becomes a pathetic premie for you, Goddess?

Goddess Evelyn: There is nothing hotter than destroying a man’s ego. They’ve been raised to believe they are deserving of Women, and often become entitled in their behavior. I believe I am doing Women all over the world a great service by putting these “men” in their rightful place. The best way to go about that, in My opinion, is to take away their self confidence in the bedroom.

If they are unable to perform, they’ll need to start finding other ways to “get” Women…ultimately putting them in a position that lacks the power they once believed they had. I am the perfect Woman to do this. Natural 32 G tits, round perky ass, 23 inch waist…no man can handle Me. They all fold much much quicker than they ever thought was possible. They really have met their match with Me, and they’ll never be the same after Me.

The Premie Game

sbs: The clip that started it all…you mentioned that you often refer your submissives back to this classic clip of yours. What can you share about what makes this clip so special, and how those devoted to The Hot Mean Girl will be affected by this absolutely amazing challenge clip?

GE: I’ve really gotten into premie training, and this clip is great for that. It’s ALWAYS on the list of clips I make My future premie boys buy. It’s just so fucking hot…even gooners don’t stand a chance. The point of the game is to make the viewer have as many ruined orgasms as possible. When training to become a premie, ruined orgasms are your best friend. You are conditioning your cock to cum quickly, but you aren’t losing the incentive to keep going. As a result, your stamina decreases very, very quickly. Out of the list of premie clips I give to My boys, this is a consistent favorite.

Big Fat Tits

sbs: It’s no secret, your breasts are quite a distraction for all men, and likely many women as well. When you are wearing some of your barely there bikinis which struggle to contain your considerable assets, are you aware of the stares, the drooling and the jealousy of wives and girlfriends, knowing they couldn’t possibly compare?

GE: I love seeing all the looks. EVERYONE is always so obsessed. It’s one of the first things they notice about Me. It sets the tone for all interactions, because they are instantly horny and weak…perfect for manipulating. Even “Alphas” don’t stand a chance. I’ve had many men start watching My videos simply because they liked what they saw…little did they know it would be the beginning of a very different path. They all eventually turn into simps for Me. Like I said earlier, nothing is hotter than destroying a man’s ego. My tits are the perfect weapon.

Your New Step-Mommy

sbs: In this seriously sexy roleplay clip, The Hot Mean Girl becomes the sexy Step-Mom of our dreams. What is it about the hot young wife and step-mom roleplay that you so enjoy? And what are some of your other favourite role-plays, either in clips or sessions, Goddess?

GE: I love cucking a loser bitch with his hot, hung, rich dad. It’s a complete slap in the face…and totally DESTROYS their self esteem. I should be with a young guy like them, but I’ve chosen their father instead…it’s totally humiliating. So easy to throw it in their face too! This is 100% a reality that I would welcome. I also love roleplaying as a manipulative girlfriend or roommate. It’s so hot to lie to their face to get what I want. Sure, I could be honest about it, but then I wouldn’t destroy their self esteem…and where’s the fun in that?

Luxury Bitch

sbs: Beauty like yours is impossible to resist. You are the ultimate Hot Mean Girl, and you deserve everything you desire, and men line up to provide for you, Goddess. And while all men in your orbit are expected to pay, not all are serious financial servants. How can you tell the difference between those that pay for attention and those who are genuinely aroused by sending more and more?

GE: It honestly doesn’t really matter to Me, because I can train any man to be what I want. All My subs should want the best for Me. Money buys that. It’s really that simple. Are you here to serve the needs of your own (pathetic) cock? Or are you here to serve ME?

I can always tell the difference instantly. I’m far too popular to waste My time on selfish boys. Only one person in this dynamic can be greedy and selfish, and that’s ME! High quality Women will always have a high barrier of entry. You either rise to the occasion, or you miss the opportunity of a life time. The choice is yours, don’t fuck it up.

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