Goddess Luna Luck – Redhead Tattooed Temptress

by Michael Smith
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Tattooed red hair Goddess

Goddess Luna is a captivating Dominatrix who possesses both elegance and authority in her craft.

With a passion for exploring the depths of BDSM and fetish play, she expertly guides her submissives on a journey of surrender and submission. Her dark, alluring presence is complemented by a sharp intellect and a keen understanding of her submissives’ desires.

Goddess Luna is a master of control and discipline, creating unforgettable experiences in the realm of power exchange and kink.

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fabulous sexy Goddess

Welcome to Goddess Luna’s World

slaveboysmith: She is a sensual & alluring tattooed Redhead Temptress, and I am currently a puddle of a man as I kneel before the strikingly beautiful Goddess Luna Luck. Welcome to DommeAddiction, Goddess, and thank you for allowing me to share your story as best I can as I struggle to maintain my composure in your presence!

Goddess Luna: Good afternoon slaveboy. I’m awaiting your questions so please get to it!

sbs: Yes Goddess, your wish is my command. Let me begin by asking how long you’ve been on the Femdom scene. And what was it that drew you into this world? Have you always realized the power you held over others?

GL: I’ll begin at the start for this one. I started stripping ten years ago. It was life changing for me and where I started to feel like I was finding my power. When the pandemic happened, I was pushed into online work. I was camming 5 days a week. During this time I felt more drawn to, comfortable and enjoyed being in a dominant role. It was starting to brew inside me. I went back to stripping and continued working online but had some significant life events happen. Then I decided I needed a change. I wanted to feel powerful and alive, and I wanted to explore this outside of just the online world. Just about that time I connected with Mistress Damazonia and discovered she was mentoring. After that, everything seemed to fall into place.

Seductive Goddess Luna

Mentored to Destroy Balls

sbs: I’ve had the privilege of featuring Mistress Damazonia and some of her proteges previously. The Dommes she mentors are absolutely exceptional, present company included. How would you describe your style as a Dominatrix, Goddess Luna? And do you have any favourite fetishes you particularly enjoy?

GL: I’ll be forever grateful to Mistress Damazonia for sharing her experience and expertise with us! I would describe myself as a strict but sensual Domme. My archetype would be Goddess. I am to be worshiped and adored, and all actions are meant to honour and please me. So, I would say I love a good boy who’s here to serve and treat me like the Goddess I am. You will fulfill all my whims and wishes and to have their limits pushed. Just to name some in particular, let me see, I’d say body/foot worship, trampling, human furniture and CEI. But all that being said, sometimes I just really want to bust some balls!

sbs: For the record, I’m more than a little nervous at how you looked at me when you said that! What is it about busting a man’s balls that so pleases you?

GL: The cries of pain, of course.

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Celebrities Are Not Safe Either

sbs: That response did nothing to quell my fear, perhaps even stoking it. How does it feel to have a man completely under your control, willing to do anything you desire? Is it a rush still, or something you’ve become accustomed to, Goddess Luna?

GL: Having a man under my complete control is something I grew accustomed to very quickly. But when there is a really good Domme/sub connection I would say I still get a rush after a session.

sbs: I’m sure any slave privileged enough to session with you must feel an absolute rush as well, Goddess Luna. If you could have one celebrity, or well-known person before you, willing to obey your every command and fully submit to you, who might you choose, and why?

GL: Now if I can choose any celebrity to be on their knees in front of me, I think it would be a toss up between Willem Dafoe and Keanu Reeves. I think Willem would be an absolute freak and would want the most debaucherous and weird shit done to him. Keanu Reeves would be nice to look at. I think he would be such a good and obedient boy, a beautiful foot stool to rest my heels upon.

How May We Serve You Goddess Luna Lux?

sbs: Perhaps you could have them both kneeling before you at the same time. Your power over men seems unlimited and I don’t doubt they’d fall under your spell as I have today, Goddess Luna. Is it only men who submit to you, or do you also have female submissives?

GL: Perhaps I could tie them together even. I have a couple of female submissives I will play and film with. I tend to have a more playful approach with them, however. In particular, I like brat-taming and slut-training with my favourite, Vienna Gray.

sbs: Oh my…I wonder if they read our blog. For male or female submissives reading this interview, dreaming of how it might be to serve the amazing redhead of their dreams, what advice might you offer to ensure they make the best possible first impression upon you Goddess Luna?

GL: I have an application form on my website for serving. A polite and detailed submission will please me, and a WishTender tribute will always catch my eye. DM’s will be ignored as will half-assed or informal applications.

Goddess Luna motorcycle tattooed ass

Don’t Be Half-Assed

sbs: There should be nothing half-assed when approaching a dominant Goddess of your stature and beauty, Goddess Luna. Thank you for sharing your story with me today. Have I missed asking you anything that you wish to share with our readers for this interview?

GL: Don’t be scared, fill in that form, gift me something exquisite and let’s have some fun.

sbs: Good advice we should all follow immediately upon reading this interview. With your permission, Goddess Luna, may I please ask one final question of you before crawling away and getting to work for you?

GL: Sure…

sbs: Thank you Goddess. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you in your dungeon, how might such an interview conclude?

GL: Well slaveboy, you’ve been polite. Your questions were interesting and I know your going to add all my links and photos right away. So, I think you’ve been a very good boy, deserving of a very, very special treat. I would have you open your mouth and wait in anticipation for the moment I slowly drip just a drop or two of my delicious Goddess spit right into it.

Unforgettable Goddess Luna Luck
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